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I've seen your place before, i've tread thid field ???

I bought a plastic light, my separate ceiling blade

My city to the scope, my ???? spokes

My ????<...

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It's, uh, November 6th, 1945, and we...

...went up to, and uh, back to the house and watched MTV...

...and playin' Pac-Man.

It's all really gross and all the kids were diseased.

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Today's, uh, August 4th, 1982.

I'm really bored and there was some dead animals that we played with.

There was a Weed-Wacker...we stole two of them.

A cop car was on fire.


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It's August 6th, 1982.

And uh, we were jammin' over at the house.

My pants caught on fire.

We were smokin' a lotta... whiskey, and uh, chicken.

And uh, got some food and......

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Alcohol leavin' me dry

Now it is time for pie

Takin' them as they come

Alcohol please give me some

If i stay in the same place

The animals will lick my face<...

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All In Your Mind

Well it's all in you mind

It's all in you mind

Well it's all in your mind

And I wanted to be

I wanted to be

Wanted to be your good friend

Well I cann...

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Already Dead

Time wears away

All the pleasures of the day

All the treasures you could hold

Days turn to sand

Losing strength in every hand

They can't hold you anymore

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Aphid Manure Heist


lied o'er the man's light

Made sure the faith in the light had made her

The greatest woman

The greatest woman

To be the man's greatest wife


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Arabian Nites

Bazookas and fisticuffs

Medicating in Porches

98-karat stick shift

Chinatown late-nite meals

Alfonso fiving me a backrub

2 pm laser vizzaginal rejuvenation


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your brains went black

when she took back her love

and put it out into the sun

the birds did fly

when the heavens all went dry

and the cigarettes were smoking by ...

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Atmospheric Conditions

there's nobody

there's no mountain

there's no tunnel

you can't get from there to here

you can't get from here to there


there hasn't been a ch...

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Bad Energy

Talkin' a lotta a lotta shit on my mind

Got some bad feelings on me


Fast, fast people comin' to my house

Tellin' me things that i already know


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beautiful way

Searchlights on the skyline

Just looking for a friend

Who's gonna love my baby

When she's gone around the bend

Egyptian bells are ringing

When it's her birthday

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Alcohol on my hands

I got plans

to ditch myself and get outside

dancing women

throwing plates

decapitating their laughing dates

swirling chi...

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Big Stompin Mama

(now brothers and sisters,...(?) in vietnam...

And i want you all to be singing while i'm

Pickin up these herbs here...)

Big stompin mama with a can of ?

Thick gold...

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Blackfire Choked Our Death

Lightning burned the field

Black fire choked our breath

(???) in the kitchen

Sand poured through the walls

We looked to one another

The children shut their mouths

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windy, windy

looking for a better home

got me, got me

runnin' out of lightbulbs

cloudy, cloudy

open to a wastecan

yellow car, yellow car

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Blue Cross

She's a blue cross (x4)

She's a burning lawn

She's dead and gone

She's here and now

She's hangin around

She's a blue cross (x4)

She's a liquor store


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Bogus Soul

Fuckin' on my...

Fuckin' on my floor

Fuckin' off

Fuckin' talkin to me

Fuckin' talkin to me...ohhhh

And i won't (?)

And i tell how the people

They want ...

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Monkey see, monkey die

Laminate your face and paste it up into the sky

Cuz it's squalid and it's solid and it's

Completely rancid and beautiful

Like a forcefield of multipl...

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История в фотографиях (21)


В этой подборке мы увидим обувь римского легионера, островок старой Москвы, 1970 год. Пистолет-кастет, 1890-е....

Женщины, которые ушли от олигархов и политиков


Жены бизнесменов нередко принимают решение о разводе, устав от измен, публичности и других атрибутов жизни с состоятельным мужчиной. Подробнее о том, как выглядят и чем занимаются женщины, ушедшие от ...