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A Kid On A Corner

You Keep me hanging like a

kid on a corner

Just because you think you can

Don't be so certain that I'll always be there

Just because I've always been


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All The Talking

I don't like the way I feel

But I don't understand

Why I hide the things I do

And I don't care who's wrong or right

I just need a reason,

A reason just to see it thr...

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All This Time

All this time

I knew someday you?d need to find

Something that you left behind

Something I can?t give you

All these tears

And like alight love disappears

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Back In The Groove

Back in the groove now

I'm do glad we're back together

Back in the groove now

Want your love forever

Couldn't sleep at night

I'd hold my pillow so tight

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Oh Betty

You know I loved you so

I'm shattered

It hurt so much to see you go

Give me your heart, I'll keep it beating

And your blood will spill no more

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You should know that my smile was leading to this

It's all in this letter

Strange how your wings ache like a son of a bitch

Just when you're, just when you're finally better

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Call Me

Color me your color, baby

Color me your car

Color me your color, darling

I know who you are

Come up off your color chart

I know where you're coming from

Call ...

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Cant Stop A Heartbeat

Can't Stop A Heartbeat (4.46)


Sung by: Tiffany

Written by: John Duarte & Mark Paul

Appears on: UK single Radio Roma...

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Yes, yes there's a new world dawning

Get dressed, quit dreaming your're falling

Take notes and I'll tell you when you got it right

No, no you can leave your attitude


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Do you believe that your're dead when you die

Or do you believe in a soul

You have the power to mess with their minds

You've got them under control

Everybody wants ...

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Here in the dark,

Silence is much to hard to bear.

Don't know there to start,

I'm hurtin' everywhere.

If we don't stop now,

141 песни

Drop That Bomb



Oo ooh



Don't look now

but guess who's making crazy eyes at you

He wants to win your heart som...

141 песни

Feelings Of Forever



If there was no tomorrow,

Then tonight would never end.

If we could freeze,

The hands of time,

I would stay here in your arms,<...

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Good Enough For Me

Sometimes I like to sit and watch the clouds for hours

It's just so extra-ordinary

Standing in the pouring rain just because it's raining

It's all so fascinating


141 песни

Hearts Never Lie



Too good together to be so apart these days

and now more than ever

we need to talk face to face


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Here In My Heart

Sometimes there's a time when you must say goodbye

Though it hurts you must learn to try

I know I've got to let you go

But I know anywhere you go

You'll never be far


141 песни

I Saw Him Standing There



I saw you standing there...

I saw you standing there...

You were just seventeen,

Way beyond compare... (compa...

141 песни

I Will Not Breakdown

Time was

You could start a revolution with this disillusion I feel

Time was

You would never make a fool of me

Can't see nothing but a violent solution

In this war of...

141 песни

If Love Is Blind

People say that you're no good for me

People say it constantly

I hear it said so much I repeat it in my sleep

Maybe I am just a fool for you

Maybe you're no angel t...

141 песни

If Only

Scarlet red

drips from my veins

What's wrong with me

That I imagine such things

And if only for a moment

Let there be peace

And how can I

Live with thi...

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