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The Propaganda

Uh, yeah!
Tell 'em how to sell it
this propaganda

[Verse 1]
Don't tell me how to keep my composure
It ain't over 'till I get me some closure
Wanted dead or alive here's my prof...

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The Truth

[Verse 1]
You can't sleep, you're restless
And slightly obsessed with falling too deep
And malfunction, you're a virus
Who's intention is fucking up something
You're a crater
On the face o...

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The Priest

It could be the absense talking
I dont think so
I dont either
Ive gotta find a new place
A new place to feed
Gotta be

Stop everything, something is not feeling r...

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The Key

Shut the fuck up! You shut the fuck up!
Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? (I ain't nobody)
That's the question, the question at hand.
Oh, man, fuck this. Fuck this! ...

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The Channel

[Verse 1]
Check one
I don't like the radio
I don't like tv
They're selling so much shit these days
And this shit is not who I want to be
I don't like officials
Using rank to pretend they...

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The Story

[Verse 1]
Just live and let die

Check, check, check, comon

If you could take a minute of your life
A certain minute when you feel the lightning strike
Danger is the only level of that mo...

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The Surrender

[Verse 1]
Don't label me a monster
I'm a monster just like you
Don't label me a victim
Cause I'm a victim just like you
I'm a victim just like you

[Verse 2]
When your heart aches

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[ringmaster:] "step right up, step right up everyone. whether you're good or bad, happy or sad,
whether you're an emotional wreck, or a blissful speck in the black hole of an existance we
call lif...

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Eat You Alive

Hey you Mrs I dont know what the fuck your name is
Im drawn to you somethings magnetic here
If I could approach you or even get close to the scent that you left behind Id be fine
No doubt that (...

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Gimme The Mic

Hold up it's the motherfuckin' concrete
Suicidal nightshift loaded with a vice grip
Poppin' all you copies
Who keep waterin' down shit
Thinking you can rap with that artificial outfit
Your b...

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Underneath The Gun

[fred:] "sometimes i can be my own worst enemy... i am my own worst enemy... other times when
I'm alone at night i definately find myself in the position to be very unhappy with myself...
This is ...

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Down Another Day

The end is near, the summer days
All the great things go away
Feel the cold comin' 'round the bend
Everything's gonna change again

Down another day, down another day

Oh, the winter i ado...

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Almost Over

Learned how to rap as a little boy
Took alot of crap as a little boy
Always had to fight back as a little boy
Always under attack as a little boy
Never got good grades as a little boy
I was ...

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Build A Bridge

Build a bridge to your mind
Takes me there everytime
Lay it all on the line
If there's a way
Build a bridge, make a path
Overlook the aftermath
Make my tears be your bath
If there's a wa...

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Red Light - Green Light

Freak baby, freak freak baby [x2]
Red light, green light [x3]
You ready to roll?
Tell me when you're ready to go [x2]
I got the keys baby, put your mind at ease baby
Go playa, layin' the che...

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The Only One

Hold up you're movin' too fast
I'm up for something that lasts
I ain't looking to screw on the first night
Cause that's a no go
And if the vibe's good, go to first base
' cuz the first kiss ...

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Let Me Down

Heartbreak is a headache,
Like a toothache or an earthquake.
Spontaneous combustion
Leaves a taste that so disgustin'
And it don't go away too fast
I'm a window made of broken glass
I've n...

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Lonely World

When i reminisce ignorance was bliss,
Back in the days where the magic exist
Never be the same as it was, 'cuz the way it was
Just another day in the maze of a myth
Had a lot of fun living lif...

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Are you ready?
Ain't it funny how time flies, huh?
Out of sight, out of mind (yeah right)
Once again back it's the incredible
Subliminal the infredible d
Once down in the dirt,
Now I ain't...

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Creamer (Radio Is Dead)

(all radio is dead)

Hey kid, who you lookin' at?
Why you standin' all up in my face like that?
You ain't never seen a baseball bat?
A maniac knockin' on your babeball cap
You better step a...

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История в фотографиях (486)


Гэри Олдмен и Вайнона Райдер, 1996 г. Пайпер Лиса Перабо — американская актриса. Её первой заметной ролью была роль в фильме «Бар „Гадкий койот“», где она сыграла Вайолет Сэнфорд по прозвищу «Джерси»....

История в фотографиях (485)


Мила Йовович для британского VOGUE, октябрь 1996 года. Молодые телеведущие советского ТВ. В программе Будильник. (В.Леонтьева, А.Вовк, В.Печорина, Н.Кондратова).
Тиль Швайгер и режиссер Томас Ян на с...

История в фотографиях (484)


Вайнона Райдер на съемках "Биттлджус", 1988 год. Фигурка ацтекского бога Тлатока (бога дождя и грома). Мексика, 600-900 гг н.э. Джиллиан Андерсон и Дэвид Духовны, 1997 год⁠⁠. Финал Чемпион...

История в фотографиях (483)


Селфи Дрю Бэрримор, 1993 год. Персия Джессика Уайт — американская актриса и музыкант. Наиболее известна ролью в сериале «Подруги», где она играла Линн Сирси. Уайт — солистка альтернативной рок-группы ...

История в фотографиях (488)


Марлон Брандо и Мэрилин Монро на вручении премии "Золотой глобус", США, 1953 год.
Брюс Уиллис, Том Хэнкс и Мелани Гриффит — промо-фото к фильму — Костёр тщеславия/The Bonfire of the Vanities, 1990 го...

История в фотографиях (482)


Орнелла Мути, 1970-е. Жан-Клод Ван Дамм и Карл Уэзерс на съемочной площадке «Хищника». 1987 год. Сигурни Уивер и кот на промо фотографиях к фильму "Чужой", 1979 год....