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Being Nobody

Captured effortlessly,

That's the way it was,

Happened so naturally,

I did not know it was love,

The next thing I felt was you,

Holding me close,

What was I g...

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Breathe with me baby

Don't say goodbye

Don't leave me baby


(End Spoken)

Don't say I'm giving you some attitude


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Dream About It

I didn't wanna talk

I didn't even know your name

But the way that you moved your body

I could tell that you were game

As I moved a little closer to you

You cast your...

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Everybody Cries

Oh baby let it rain

I feel it washing over me

The anxiety

I watch it fade away

Cause everything can change

It changes right in front of me [in front of me]

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Everything I ever hear you say I know

I feel, Oh Yeah

Ooh Yeah

No more time left to think about...

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Everything about you



All I want is everything, everything

All I want is you

All I want is everything, everything

All I want ...

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Feel The Rush

Oh yeah

Ooh yeah

Come on

Oh yeah

Your eyes have let me know

Telling me that I move you so

And you can't hide what your feeling

So drop your thi...

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Get With You

I can't wait forever

Let's get it on

Come and get me

It's now or never baby come on

No no

I know what's on your mind

I told you time and time again

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Good Love




Oh oh oh oh oh

Someone told me I was lost

That I really had to find

What I thought I had in you

But you let me down

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Got To Have Your Love

Every time I close my eyes I can clearly see

The image of your smile shine through my darkest dreams

I never thought that I'd find myself this close, this close

To you my dear, te...

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How much do you really want?

If you had it would it really solve your problems?

Do you realise the pain it causes

Struggling for something you may never get

How much would ...

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Holding On For You

Sunshine fades to gray

The second I'm away

Minutes turn to hours

Without you

Time keeps marching on

Now summers been and gone

And I'm still here a...

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I Got What You Want

Never been the kinda guy to be hanging around

I'm feelin' it ain't you feeling it?

Come on baby can you handle it?

Spend a little time with me.

I Got What You Want<...

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Just A Little


Yeah yeah


Sexy, everything about you so sexy

You don't even know what you got

You really hit my spot

Oh yeah, yeah


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Meant To Be

At 2am

I'm driving home from being with you

Playing back our favourite song

Turn it up

Wonder if you're listening to

Know it's late but I gotta call


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Never Give Up

We were looking round

Waiting for the right time

Everybody saying careful what you do

You've got everything to prove, they were saying

You gotta do it now cos if yo...

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Never Meant To Say Goodbye

Oh Oh Oh

If I told you I needed a friend

Would you walk away?

And if I told you I needed a lover

Would you be afraid?

Cos I know that I left you before

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No Clouds


Woke up this morning

Opened up my curtains

What do I see

What a lovely day

Sunshine and crown

No sign of the clouds

Don't wanna go t...

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Right Here Right Now

Ooh yeah

Wondering how our love just slipped away

Was it something that we didn't say

Could it be that you need what I never could've been

For you my baby...

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I can't wait

I can't wait

Tired of working, tired of thinking

Don't wanna read no books

I can't believe

I'm sitting here at home waiting for the weekend to ...

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