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Mamma's crying again here baby's no where to be found
the world has gone taken her away
Daddy went and ran off with some white trash half his age
left me at home to pay for his mistakes
My s...

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Nothin' Better To Do

Hung my cotton dress on rusted wire
Up there on Pelahatchie bridge
Just a crazy roughnecks daughter
Jumped head first into the water
Baptized away my sins

Hitched to town with Bobby Jo a...

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Hush, Hush why don't you want to talk about it
Bitch, Bitch you don't need to sugar coat it
I don't want us to ever get to the point where we can't recover
Break, Break we're allowed to have o...

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Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine

Who died and crowned me everybody's everything
I'm even busting my butt through the weekend
By the time I get home there's not an ounce of sanity
Between the dogs, my momma's calls
Is it aga...

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Something I Can Feel

Cross my heart
And I swear the truth
Love was dead to me til I met you
I spent a lot of time building up these walls
Then you come strutting in
With your wrecking ball
Just another girl ...

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I Want You With Me

When I'm walking down the street
on a quiet afternoon
Or when I hear our favorite song
and it gets me in the mood
When I don't know who I am
and the world is not my friend
When I fight m...

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Doesn't Everybody

You may have a tabloid life
pay for all your friend
You may be a suburban wife
with your white picket fence
You may be a suit and tie
paying off your high rise rent
When it all comes dow...

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Nothing Wrong

I would've slipped off my jeans
And slipped on my heels
If i knew that i would see you
Yeah, this diamond ring, gets kinda loose
Gotta watch myself around you
Glad you finally said somethi...

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Pretty Things

Mamma's high heels
Cherry lipstick
And a goodwill dress
Play pretending
Dance for the mirror
A ferry tale princess

Pretty things are yours to hold
My pretty thing soon you will know ...

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Upper Hand

Honey on a teaspoon
Sugar in a bowl
An eager man's always an easy catch
Butter on the skillet
Whisky in a glass
To start a flame you've got to light a match

Ooh you got what he wants

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One Day Too Long

You been gone
You been gone
You been gone one day
one day to long

I'm the kind of woman who understands
How the road can be so hard on a traveling man
I don't mind giving you a little ...

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What I Cannot Change

I know what makes me comfortable
I know what makes me tick
And when I need to get my way I know how to pour it on thick
Cream and sugar in my coffee
Right away when I awake
I face the day ...

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Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore

It might be hard to be lovers
But its harder to be friends
Baby pull down the covers
Its time you let me in
Maybe light a couple candles
Ill just go ahead and lock the door
If you just...

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When You Love Someone Like That

I think it was me it must have been me
I guess I did something wrong
I tried too hard
Wanted too much
I guess that's why it's gone
I lost my pride, I falled and cried
I felt like a lit...

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Tell me will I ever be the one
To take my hands off the wheel and let it slide
Seems like I've always been the one
That can't sit back and just enjoy the ride
Just enjoy the ride

Feels l...

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And It Feels Like

I remember every touch, every flower, every word you ever said
I remember how we looked at each other the very first time we met
I?ll never forget
I remember every smile, every letter, every k...

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For The First Time

Up and down the stairs
In and out the door
Walked every inch of the floor
You think you know a place
But there locked in an empty room
Out of the dark comes you

I feel, I fe...

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Save Myself

I want the truth when the world is lying
I want to live or at least die trying
I want to share my soul cause it heals me every time
I want to scream when there's fear inside
I want to run wh...

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A Little More Time

I've been runnin so fast I didn't see the world pass me by
Just kept spinnin on without me

Monday turned to Friday like a blur January was July
And I don't know why

Been poppin pills and...

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Rumour 'Bout A Revolution

Everybody's talkin bout something
a lot of static and a lot of nothin
pollutin the air with who the hell cares kinda gossip
headlines to spare in our pockets in our pockets
it's a shame but ...

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