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Part of Me

Look in these eyes you'll see the dark
That little space inside my heart
The darkest side withholds the light
The light that brightens me inside

You don't know

Angels don't fly, they have n...

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Non so dove trovarti
Non so come cercarti
Ma sento una voce che
Nel vento parla di te
Quest' anima senza cuore
Aspetta te

Le notti senza pelle
I sogni senza stelle
Immagini del tuo...

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Oh oh oh oh...

Finding you felt like the rain
Falling unexpectedly
When all I could feel was rain
You came along and set me free

You have been my fantasy
Until the day you held my face
My h...

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Before We Say Goodbye

Time stands still
As you turn away
All my thoughts run wild
For a word to say
Should I reach for you
Could it be too late
Can we give it one more try

Here we stand
On the border line
And ...

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Broken Vow

Tell me her name
I want to know
The way she looks
And where you go
I need to see her face
I need to understand
Why you and I came to an end

Tell me again
I want to hear
Who broke my faith...

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Love by Grace

I remember the rain on the roof that morning
And all the things that I wanted to say
The angry words that came from nowhere
Without warning
That stole the moment and sent me away
And you standi...

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Givin' up on You

Silent and quiet
Again in my life
Far from these moments, I wish I was

Passion and truth
We were about
Before the shadows stole the beat of our hearts

After all we have been through
I can...

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Sin Ti

Sin este abrazo al despertar
Sin tus gestos al hablar, sin tu complicidad
Sin tus planes imposibles, sin tu amor
Y el resto que me queda de dolor, que har鼢r>Con este coraz��e...

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Sola Otra Vez

Sola, sola otra vez
Tan sola, sola por qu鿠
Cu᮴a noche puede abarcar mi piel
Y cu᮴a libertad, no s鼢r>Sola otra vez
Sola, busco una luz
Tan sola yo como t?No alcanzan mi...

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Just like the sea
No one possesses you
And no one can go down to
The deepest side of you

Just like a tree
Decades and memories
Articulate and seal
Every one of your dreams
When I need you ...

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I Am Who I Am

Feels like you've built a wall around me
You've tried your best to ground me
Let me explain that I don't play by any other rules
I won't be nobody's fool - I won't lose this game
There is no way...

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You Are My Heart

How did I ever get to here
Why do I need you
Why do I have to cry these tears
Where do they lead to
I used to be so strong alone
When I was standing on my own
Now I don't know what to do


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I Will Love Again

Did I ever tell you how you live in me
Every waking moment, even in my dreams
And if all this talk is crazy
And you don't know what I mean
Does it really matter
Just as long as I believe

I w...

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Light of My Life

Wandering like a leaf upon the wind
I have been searching for someone
Holding out for a love to shake my soul
Heaven or nothing
Then you walked into my life
In a blaze of light
I've never want...

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Till I Get Over You

And the sunlight on your face
It's a memory I'll never replace
Never thought I'd have to try to let it go
Now if you're gettin' on all right
I was hopin' that maybe you'd show me
What to do, ho...

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To Love Again

Every night every day
I tell my heart to forget you and to move away
Not to break anymore
But, oh, no matter
What I say
You're so deep in my mind
There's no way to leave this love behind


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Otro Amor Vendra

Tengo que decirte
Que vives s��en m�r>En cada momento
D�y noche, as�r>Y si estoy hablando en vano
Y no puedes comprender
Ahora ya no importa

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Pas Sans Toi

S裨e tes pleurs
Je ne partirai pas
Il m'en faudrait bien plus que ça
Pour tou d鴲uire, an顮tir, pas ça
S裨e tes pleurs
Et refais-moi l'amour
Te souviens-tu de c...

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Je Suis Malade

Je ne fume plus
Je ne r� plus
Je n'ai m� plus d'histoire
Je suis sale sans toi
Je suis laide sans toi
Comme une orpheline dans un dortoir
Je n'ai plus envie
De vivre ma vie
Ma vi...

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Au Loin Lୢas

Mon coeur s'est perdu entre le ciel et l'eau
Emport頰ar le vent chaud
Les reflets du ciel qui dansent sur ma peau
Je d鲩ve sur un bateau
Tout ce temps ࠶ivre ࠣontre-courant

182 песни

Актеры, проходившие пробы на роль Остапа Бендера в "12 стульях" Гайдая


На роль Остапа Бендера в комедии Гайдая "12 стульев" претендовали более ста актеров! Правда, в интернете иногда указывают и 200. Стоит ли говорить, какую работу пришлось провести съемочной группе, что...