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A Crimson Cosmos

Great cosmos, eternal ocean, spring forth now colder motions,
break dawn now, break
new day, sweet silent colder changes

Lay still night in the forest, bring fall now,
bring the ever rest, col...

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Boogie Bubble

Vague shadows, purple-toned sky
Full moon and nightbirds on my mind
Cloud demons with wands of doom
Chanting lines of solitude

Boogie bubble refrain, boogie, boogie bubble refrain, again


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Cosmic Weed

Running all the time and knowing time is running out
And knowing all what time's about
Dreaming all those dreams so evil, so evil are the dreams we dream tonight
But the man in the moon sits tight...

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Demon You _ Lily Anne

I met the demon on a summer's day
Her name was Lily Anne was what she said
She was standing there alone, waiting for the fall

So I asked her would she wait for me
For night to take this day away...

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Devil's Diner

As the bell strikes 12, I say we say farewell,
I say we say farewell as the bell strikes 12
Tonight's the night my friend, tonight's the night,
the night it all shall end as the bell
strikes 12

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Forever Autumn

so the season of the fall begins
down the crossroads in a sleepy little inn
by the fire when the sun goes down

but the night becomes you
and the secrets of the rain

forever autumn

and the ...

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Hold On Tight

When I close my eyes tonight
Down my dreams the velvet raven flu
So I hold on

Whither goes the way I ride
In ihe moonlit ravens eye
Staring past the purple sky tonight

I'm holding on and I

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Lady Rosenred

There's a faerie in my head and I call her Lady Rosenred
Why she came there I don't know, no I don't know

We wander worlds sometimes
Green forests, stars and stories
A secret time under three mo...

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Pagan Wish

Wish I could split the night in two
I wish I could what I would do to you

Wish I could hold the nights apart
Oh, to you I'd give the sun, my heart

I'll be the cyclone how it strays
I'll be th...

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Raistlin And The Rose

Shadows and fever
No one hears him cry so he turns to evil
Only now, only now does he know

Always those pains
Once he turns that way he will do it again
Only now, only now do...

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Raven Land

Do you know what you fear of the ravens dark
Do you know what they hide, hide within their hearts
Can you see the sorrow within their eyes
Can you hear their cries, when the fiddle dies ...


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So Fell Autumn Rain

So Fell Autumn Rain

Leaving with twilight though I was chosen
To wander the way in the dakest of nights
Oh, in the summer sun how soon I came to stray
A true damnation, when I turned away

So ...

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The Four Strings Of Mourning

Some tales say morrow knows, I know not why they say so,
some go where sorrow goes, I know not
where they do go

One comes with winter's wind to tell a tale of mourning,
one free as summer's si...

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The Homecoming

It's the way of a cosmic sailor, in a boat in the night
But the wolves are not scaring him, he's alright
Just the day, just the day away, I can feel it sometimes
But the wolves are not scaring me, ...

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To Blossom Blue

I'm bleeding in ways of the tire burned
I'm crying in ways of the nightbird
No more is there one to lay by my s de
I'm straying in nightmares all the time

A little something I know
A little som...

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When My Sun Comes Down

Close my eyes, think of the rain
Think of an evening the same
Dream it is autumn outside
An evening to hide

Someone to carry me home, to forests
Where I do belong
Close my eyes, little bit sc...

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A Foreign Road

A Foreign Road

A road into shadows, on through haunted meadows

A road so old, so dark, the trail where the damned walk

As only darkness cares, I choose to wander here

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Devils Dinner

As the bell strikes 12, I say we say farewell, I say we say farewell as the bell strikes 12

Tonight's the night my friend, tonight's the night, the night it all shall end as the bell strikes 12<...

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As Daylight Yields

Closed the door to the world below

Where demons sleep and evil grows

But when night falls, and shadows grow long

They'll enter from the world of beyond

When darkness clo...

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Burn Fire Burn

Burn beacon fires, blow horns of doom

Sinister ascendancy, death's coming soon

We shall take the fire everywhere

And all our enemies shall burn, yeah

In the fire they al...

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