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Girls Without Hands

Sunday morning
Restless morning
I have floated forever

In the shadow
Sleepless shadow
I have fallen far below

Out of focus
Sickly focus
Breathless inbetween hours

Creeping morning

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Falling Down

They’re moving out boxes
Piled in the hall
Birthday gifts and houses
Redirect them all
I need you like water
I love you like air
But I am the girl in ill-fitting underwear

Walk into ...

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Alphabet Soup

Silence please now
I don’t want a word
Got deep in trouble
And my hands got burnt

Ain’t nobody love me
That’s how I got here
With pockets full of nothing
And a head full of f...

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Barefoot Blues

Anybody’s better than nobody
‘Cause one’s never better than two
Anybody’s better than nobody
For me and my barefoot blues

I’m spending money like water
And drinking l...

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Leaf By Leaf

Come fly with me
Leaf by leaf a bumblebee
If I weren’t me who would I be
Leaf by leaf rocks and trees

All is all is everything
Leaf by leaf wedged inbetween
A desert rose an ocean bre...

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Diamonds & Stones

It is long gone
This right went wrong
Stop your cryin child
Diamonds and stones
My skin my bones
Stop your cryin child

'Cause the time has been and gone
Might as well just move along


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Dirty Bird

Damn you dirty bird
Put out the fire now
It’s all said and done
Do I walk away or run

What went wrong, what went wrong
Shame on, shame on

Damn you filthy whore
Rain from the heaven...

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Fish For Nails

Let me out
I'm a cloud
I can't live here anymore
Turn the sky inside out
I can't live here anymore
Fish for nails in a drought
I can't live here anymore
Always ash in my mouth
I can't live h...

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We talked like giddy schoolgirls
It seemed we turned a corner
I remember smiling
It was a piecemeal resolution
With only best intentions
And i'm going frustrations
Words designed to pacify

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King Sleepy

Wind blown
A lazy sway
Creeping like fire
From a slow spark

Birds without wings
Out of the dust of dreams
Head out to sea
Seeking the stars

Nothing can wake
Nothing will break
His host...

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Almost Sleeping

I'm not talking anymore

all the skins of the words fell off in my hands

if I told you & showed you you'd laugh

I'm not trying anymore

all my good intentions fell out of my hands

if I ...

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it's gonna swallow me whole

the ground'll open up and in I'll fall

down down down

mama set me up with a fine young thing

and he was gonna buy me everything

but he grabbed the hook and...

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dead dreams dropping off the heart like leaves in a dry season

dead dreams dropping off the heart like leaves in a dry season

how long do I take it

can I start to change it

you know it's...

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Out If Sight And Snowblind

I watch the lights on the ocean

I count the leaves on the trees

if it wasn't for your indecision

there'd be nothing between you and me

I catch your eye - it's a showdown

anticipate yo...

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Poor Gal

I'm a poor gal long way from home

Before I get to heaven got a way to roam

and when I get there gonna take off my shoes

got nothin' now & nothin' to lose

all day long you heard me moan

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Prairie Dog

prairie now isn't that a pretty word

rolls off the tongue like a setting sun

you should have heard what I heard

a shriek a syllable a sleight of hand

prairie now isn't that a lonely word...

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Spooky Rhodes

there are things I can't explain

why a seashell loves the sand

why tornadoes love the plains

why my dreams have lost their wings

there are things I can't explain

why tornadoes love th...

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Starry Night

it is night and life moves at a new pace

the air is still the earth sleeps

we move with the grace of the moon sweeping through the clouds

one by one the stars break through

one by one th...

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44 Robbers

I got up at half past four

forty-four robbers around my door

forty-four - and maybe more

what the hell they want me for?

stubbly faces & gap-tooth grins

ain't no way I'm lettin' them ...

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Coming Down Glass

them trashy types just outta milk teeth

keep bluffin' me with their big girly eyes

them trashy types them college girls

don't know squat 'bout guys like me

she don't do nothin' but flirt...

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