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Out of The Underground

Hey man, are you ready to go

Down where you reach a higher low

Mmm, you can breathe the sweet & sacred air

For the woman waiting there


Wisdom is only a relative experience

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Dancin' Right Into The Flame

All alone in the twilight

I'm a shadow in the room

Time is my companion

But it turned it's back too soon

Imagination will take me anywhere I want to go

But with my ballerina

Both of ...

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Fool Us Today

They say it's not the money

You know it's not the money

Can you figure out what you want

What you need?

They try to pump it up, forget about the facts

Sometmes it hurts but it's never ...

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Goin' Where The Wind Blows

Someone said life is for the taking

Here I am with my hand out waiting for a ride

I've been living on my great expectations

What good is it when I'm stranded here

And the world just passes...

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Take Cover

Words in my mouth

Someone told me to say

They go unspoken

My mind gets in the way

I hold my tongue

Save my, save my soul

True to myself

And stay gold

Sometimes you gotta pull t...

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If That's What It Takes

Comfort me

From a world where no one cares

Where the words turn into cages

And memories cut like glass

I closed my eyes on you

Put the blames on myself

The weight is on my shoulders

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The Chain

I hear their voices inside my head

There's no denying it's my private hell as

I lie in bed

I take a look around and see myself

In twenty years will I be them

I've taken all I can stand

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Jane Doe

Can I explain it?

It's not not an easy thing to do

A cryptic fascination

Seems to get me through

A darkened stranger

Who left me full of doubt

She'd tell me that she loved me


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Mama D

Mama d.

Has a way of fixing the hole

Where the water runs out my soul

When you sing with me

Save me, mama d.

Mama d. wears a dark brown coat in the sun

The light in her eyes burns so...

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Trapped in Toyland

20 long years ridin' somebody's coattalis

Watching the vermin go by thru a heavy coat

Of chain mail

So ya wanna change the world but ya still

Can't decide

They can take away the cash bu...

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Where Do I Fit In?

Don't you color me by the way you paint your picture

I'm happy just the way I am

It's been soaked into my bones, a child under pressure

I'm a bastard of the master plan

I wanna live my lif...

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Colorado Bulldog

Ace high in golden

I was tall and on the rocks

And a little touch of attitude

Who's that madame x

Comon' in at three o'clock

Why don't you send her over, one, two

Next thing I rememb...

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Promise Her The Moon

Hey, yeah yeah

You don't know what you've got

Till the love is almost gone

This time, yeah she's given up

Still in a state of shock

I should've seen it coming on

It's too late for wa...

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She's shakin' like a dash-board doll

Cool, cruel and calculating

A beauty in the back seat

She runs hot and leaves you cold

She's wicked with a mean streak

A time-bomb ticking away


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The Price You Gotta Pay

I could take what I want, but I take what I need.

How can I help myself if I need everything ?

I get possession with half of the truth.

Then change my direction when the bill comes due, yeah...

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The Whole World's Gonna Know

Your secret is safe

I'll keep it on the inside

Cover your play, makin' up a white lie

I can't complain

She's finally off of my back

I shoulda know better

She came in from the wrong s...

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Mister Gone

You feel a tap upon your shoulder

Turn around, there's no one there

Is your mind just getting older?

Are you whispering a prayer?

When you feel you're someone else,

In the cloud all b...

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Ain't Seen Love Like That

I've been miles from nowhere

Crossed and doubled back

Time is a healer

And I've done my time

Cause i ain't seen love like that

I've seen the light of freedom

Dim and fade to black


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Mr. Big

All right, huh!

I work hard every day

Come rain or shine

Don't need nobody

To tell about a girl of mine

She's got so much love

She saved it all for me

And I would not be lying


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What's It Gonna Be

What's it gonna be, baby?

Shivers down my spine

Swim on to your island

Is your treasure mine?

Send me out an answer

Tell me something real

What's it gonna be, baby?

What's it g...

215 песни

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Кейт Мосс и Кристи Терлингтон, середина 90-х. Дональд Трамп и его жена Мелания Трамп, США, 2000-е. Противогазы с ручной накачкой воздуха, разработанные для пожилых людей и страдающих инфекцией грудной...

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Тату, начало 2000-х. Дeвушка - чукча. Магаданcкая oбласть, 1979 г. Пианино для прикованных к кровати. Великобритания, 1935 год. Марлен Дитрих, Фрэнк Синатра и Бетти Фернесс. 1955 г....

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Матрица "Перезагрузка", 2003 г. Элизабет Тейлор, 1951 г. Посетитель бара Sammy’s Bowery Follies спит за столиком, в то время как кошка пьет его пиво. Вашингтон, округ Колумбия, 1947 год...