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Cold Blood

Cruisin' downtown

Shakin' her love

T and A talkin' to me

Felt my heart drop

Wheeled a dead stop

Girl has got me on my knees

Baby baby babe don't make me wonder

Won't you let me ...

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Don't Close Your Eyes

Whatcha doing out in the night time

Why'd ya' call me on the phone

Your mama can't solve your problems

When's daddy ever get home

So you did your little move and cried

In the middle o...

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Girl Money

Yeah yeah yeah

Girl money

Girl money

Girl money

I was sittin' alone

But not very long

She had a weakness for comin' on strong

She was licking my fingers

And drinking my booze...

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The Itch

Hey hey hey

You should see the look that she gave to me

No no no that's restless blood

That's push and shove

Hey hey hey

Should see the scars that you put on me

And no no no that's...

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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Tell me, tell me that

Tell me, tell me that

Tell me, tell me that

Can I look into your eyes ?

Can't ya hear me say ?

Tell me, tell me that

Can I dance between your thighs

Can't ...

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Atomic Bombs

see what you say to me & i will

tell you what you say to me

i said i told you so

you came into this life

you gave me all this pride

you were so pacified

you trip, but i don't think...

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Body Talk

My arms around you

Ya better keep your head low

All dressed up

No place to go

Make love to you all night long

Listen to atomic bombs

Hear the people scratch

On the shelter door

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Get Your Monkeys Out

I know what you mean

When you look like that

I read you like a book

When you look like that

She don't like to hide

Any feelings deep inside

And that's, that's just what I need


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Baby I'm in the jungle

In the danger zone

Bit by a tiger on my crazy bone

A giraffe in a neck tie

Breathing down my neck

Gonna get my monkey's

That's what they get


Get yo...

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Kix Are for Kids

She got love - More than I need

She got love - She's making me weak

I got heartache

I got love smeared all over my face

I got heartache

She got love - She's making me weak

Ya' see ...

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Loco Emotion

Don't scream when you realize

Don't scream when you tow the line

Remember the craze back in '65

Wasn't it great to be alive

(Shake) I'm gonna shake to the broken bone

(Shout) I'm gonn...

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Love at First Sight

Ain't there something I can take

Something I can do

Ain't ya got some kind of love potion

Ain't there somewhere to go

Somewhere to stop

Can you stop this loco-emotion

Do do do do d...

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Love Pollution

Oh what an explosion, my hearts gonna fail

It was 6.8 on the Richter scale

A vision of beauty, well I'm caught in a stare

A red light turns green - not even aware

I just can't help it - ...

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Mighty Mouth

I picked you up when you were steaming hot

You gave me the bug baby so they gave me a shot

You took my ring and threw it on the floor

Well I picked it up, just dusted it off

And I was ba...

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Nice on Ice

Once upon a time in a deserted little town

An incubated boy was born and the tried to put him down

Didn't have no muscles here

Didn't have no fat

But when he opened up his mouth ya heard...

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Is it a tender love, is it secure

Is he a rich boy, or is he poor

Don't see no diamond ring on her hand

Is he a stray cat, is he a man

Is it sour, is it sweet

Can't ya, can't ya get t...

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Restless Blood

I wanna tell you a story about a girl that I know

I wanna give you a warning about a place where I don't go

She put poison in my coffee, put poison in my heart

She put poison in my bedroom,...

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The Kid

Woke up this morning

Fell out of bed

An all night juke box

Pounding in my head

Was I moving on Susie

Was I stomping on Jane

I was waiting for the thunder

Standing in the rain


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Shut up

Do it

Come on start a fire

In my electric chair

Baby cross my wires

Light up my hair

Overload my circuits

let me...

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I turn and start to shake you baby

Still on my tippy toes

You know I should have left you baby

A long long time ago

I sat there on my doorstep baby


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