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Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde

I watch a man sitting down the park
The flashy suit manufactured by the makers
He's got a pen and he circles an add
It makes him laugh 'cos he's reading di...

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A Miracle's Coming

Written by Rick Nowels, Ricki & Kim Wilde

Are you the devil come to carry away my soul
I want to love you but I don't want to lose control
You're taking over me with each little move you m...

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Action City

Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde

Suddenly there's a shadow on a nation
Suddenly it's a changing situation
Fear is on the face of every tiger as the jungle grows
Suddenly people running nev...

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Another Step

Never, ever felt this way before
You are the one that i'am craving for

Another step nearer your heart
Another step closer to knowing you
Another step nearer your heart
I'm on my way

I ...

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Back Street Driver

[Note: these lyrics are not as accurate as may be expected. They were all deciphered by me, through listening hard to the song. If there are official lyrics out there, let me know.]

Oh oh oh
Oh ...

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Back Street Joe

Dancing with Back Street Joe
That was a time I loved
When we were kids so young
So long ago

Dancing with Back Street Joe
Back in a time I loved
We used to move all night
That was a tim...

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Because The Night

Take me now, baby, here as I am
Put me close, try and understand
Desire is hunger is the fire I breathe
Love is a banquet on which we feed

Come on now, try and understand
The way I feel w...

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Birthday Song

Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh

There's a forest, a beautiful place
The sun always shines upon your face
and the wind blows away
the trouble...

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Bitter Is Better

You lay me down in satin sheets softly
You're movin' slow
It's gonna be everything just for me
I know how you want to love me

Your love is sweet, I'm going down easy
But I don't know

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Well as the city nights grow cold
The lights jump through the shutters
And a thousand echos fill the streets
And bounce along the dirty gutters

(Out there)

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Born To Be Wild

(Be wild)
Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah darlin' go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your...

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Fresh out of school the young girl lose the sound
She's gonna go where the young bands hang around
And it's still to right with a voice inside
She's screaming, dreaming
And there's no disguise...

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Breakin' Away

Breakin' away
Breakin' away
It's hard leaving
Walking away from someone just to start again
We are ever needing
Keeping that someone to care just to give us strength
So as life changes wit...

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Here we are
Late in the hours that start another day
Here am I
Skirting around what I really want to say

Well they hold a place in your heart
They're something apart
But then....

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C'mon Love Me

There's an endless sky and
It's just you and I
You're close to me
We tried to say goodbye but
But we can't be that strong and let it be
Now I know life's changed
And we can't expect to hav...

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He was Thailand based
She was an airforce-wife.
He used to fly weekends
It was the easy life.
But then it truned around and he began to change.
She didn't wonder then
She didn't thi...

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Can You Come Over

Darlin', can you come over
Can you come over
Meet me tonight

I've been sitting here alone
Looking down this telephone
Thinking things I'd really love to say to you
Oh, it's true
I can'...

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Can't Get Enough

I'm a prisoner who can never leave
Someone that you use anytime you please
But I never want you to set me free
Cos I'm addicted to this love disease

And the fever rages in my soul
Begging ...

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Chaos At The Airport

I was driving out to meet you that night
Getting reports on the weather
You were coming home, had caught the last flight
But we would soon be together
You'd been gone such a long time
When m...

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Chequered Love

You say everything's alright
I say nothing can go right, yeah
Oh what a game you can play
Sad days add to confusion
Sad ways end in dillusion, yeah
That's the name of the game

Well I kno...

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Самые сексуальные актрисы


Как бы ни была важна работа съёмочной группы и качество актёрской игры, есть то, что порой привлекает зрителей гораздо сильнее. И это, безусловно, самые сексуальные актрисы, за которых режиссёры готов...

"Девушки года" журнала Playboy. Далекие 1960-е


Как известно, знаменитый американский журнал Playboy выходит с 1953 года, но рубрика «Девушка месяца» появилась в нем не сразу. Примечательно, что выбранная персона появляется на развороте в стиле ню,...

Советские актрисы тогда и сейчас


Всё что от нас останется на этой Земле - это память о нас. Зачем люди идут играть в кино? 90% для того чтобы остаться в памяти людей молодыми. И так было до не давнего времени, но сейчас, с развитием ...

7 звезд, которые резко помолодели


Возраст не щадит никого, в том числе и знаменитостей кино и шоу-бизнеса. Но бьюти-индустрия поражает воображение возможностями и не стоит на месте. В 2020 году выглядеть на 35 в 60 или 70 лет — не про...

7 звезд, которые боятся всего паранормального


Знаменитости – народ суеверный. Там, где не срабатывает логика, подключается мистика, которая объясняет плохое самочувствие, неудачи в карьере или просто добавляет интригу в образ медийной персоны. ...