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A Kick In The Heart

(Mark Goldenberg)

The kiss is all, words mean nothing

Why don't we throw them away

Take my keys, love is waiting

Idling in the driveway

Today everybody is th...

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(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson/Duane Hitchings)

Abadabadango can you hear

It's the rhythm of the heart

That beats for a million years

We all have to use some ki...

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All He Did Was Tell Me Lies

(Kim Carnes)

The king of hearts has won the final inning

He's made his move and played his hand so well

Everyone thinks he's got it made

'Cause no one can tie him d...

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Along With The Radio

(Kim Carnes/Craig Krampf)

I was drivin' my car tonight

And I was feelin' down

The i thought about you

Like I always do

And I turned myself around

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And Still Be Loving You

(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson)

You're the poets finest song

And like a painter you can move me with your sunrise

Touch me with the look I see in your eyes

And I fall a...

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Bad Seed

(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson)

When does a lover ever learn to say goodbye

When does a lover finally stop giving it one more try

If holding you for a night or two

Is a...

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Begging For Favors

(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson)

You can ride in the front

Ride in the back

Or someplace in between

You can say what you mean

But not mean what you say


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Bette Davis Eyes

(Donna Weiss/Jackie DeShannon)

Her hair is Harlowe gold

Her lips sweet surprise

Her hands are never cold

She's got Bette Davis eyes

She'll turn her music on...

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Black And White

(Kim Carnes)

You had your life

And I had mine

And together we could

Do it all

We were the greatest black and white

We were every curtain call


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Blinded By Love

(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson)

Blinded by love

We're slaves to the heart

Blinded by love by the flame in the dark

Blinded by how good it feels to be blinded by love

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Blood From The Bandit

(Kim Carnes/Donna Weiss)

Lightning strikes more than twice

Thru the clouds to break the ice

And show us something better

We all chose to compromise

We ki...

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Bon Voyage

(Kim Carnes)

Imagining the rainbow

Trying to fit it in the sense of things

That might have been

Looking for the green flash

Hitting milliseconds just before ...

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Brass & Batons

(Kim Carnes/Donna Weiss)

Take heart the pages turning fast

I'll be waiting here in the hourglass

There's a fire in the heartland

There is a dream on every door <...

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Break The Rules Tonight (Out of School)

(Kim Carnes/Dave Ellingson/Wendy Waldman)

Now hold on honey where did you come from

I never been so made about anyone

Smile lights up like a radio dial

You got no f...

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Chain Letter

(Larry Tagg/Jenni Muldaur)

Oh I read what you wrote

Feels like chains to me

You keep me tied up

With your talk about love

That never sets us free


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Crazy In Love

(Even Stevens/Randy McCormick)

Ain't funny how time

Steals the feelings from a love affair

And there's no place to lay the blame

Cause it ain't a case of no one car...

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Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes)

(Kim Carnes)

Sometimes I really think

I'm going crazy in the night

When I hide down in the covers

And I won't turn on the light

I think nothing's gonna get m...

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Crimes Of The Heart

(Kim Carnes/Donna Weiss)

Crimes of the heart

We're all guilty

Crimes of the heart

We're all willing

To take part

In another crime of the heart

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Cry Like A Baby

(D Penn/S Oldham)

When I think about the good love you gave me

I cry like a baby

Livin' without you is drivin' me crazy

I cry like a baby

Well I know now tha...

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Divided Hearts

(Kim Carnes/Kathy Kurasch/Donna Weiss/Collin Ellingson)

You're looking through your window

Into the neon light

You trying to forget him

But the feeling keeps you up...

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