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Leaders come
Stand in line
Reveal your true self and conform
I sold my song
Crossed the borderline
I found something I'd never adjust to

Come here
I've paid for you
I have sold my weaknes...

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Visions come
Visions come
In a sickroom bed
There's something left to learn
Pass them on
Let it show
Let the rich meet death
Confront your own concern

See us sleep behind the glass

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Soil's Song

The dream is so far
Come and take the consequence
Few things are as certain
Opressive wait

Assemble here
Soil's song
In you throat
Future death
In your reach
Who's first...

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My Twin

The neck and then the chain
The head is hung in shame
I thought that you had grown
That you would carry on
But now that I am gone
What else has been withdrawn

You used to be like my twin

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Wave back at me
Back is turned
If I fail once
Circuit burn

Saw you in the lampglow
You fade
Nothingness incarnate

Until I get there
I will be

Internal source...

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Hurts to see
My incapacity
Idle mind
You have changed me

My mouth is shut
Stupidity have shut mymouth

So when you come
I'm too unprepared to come along
I hold your hand so h...

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A rush through the rusted veins
Illuminate the face of one
So I have a light
So unaware about the consequence

I heard no warning
About the little compromise
The distorted views you had


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As thin as it gets
I stare right through
The severe sickness in this room
Not mine
It comes from you

Soul cold
There won't be a time when I'm at ease
Increase coldness

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You come clean
Waves collide now
Defenseless numb arms
And no voice of reason

So how come you invited me too
You knew I wanted you
You guide above
So this night belongs to you
I know this...

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In The White

Are you in or are you out
The words are stones in my mouth
Hush little baby don't you cry
Truth comes down
Strikes me in the eye

Turning season within
Brand new nails across my skin
But wh...

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The Itch

Subdued back then
So quiet now
Systematic violence
The great cold distance

The itch
The urge

Make way
Think of something
Thin out the fear
Past the tracks
Part ...

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Journey Through Pressure

Pushing the will
Being alive
Well I have been
I came far
The process of trying
To act unharmed
It will fade out

Thought of unwind
No longer mine
They are for you
When you come
So long...

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Why have you put so many things into my eyes
(that I can't see clear)
Who's paid you for telling me what I'm worth
(and run in fear)
It has been for me a strain to see already
(what have you do...

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Right Into The Bliss

by a black road
giving a brief smile
something's on the way
forgotten for a while
and you try to speak this
without a voice down by a black road
we try to forget and try to make it through

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The way the light hits the road
The way I am unable to protect you
O I'm running away
I will never forgive myself
For running away from you

He came back to your house
I didn't take it as a ...

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Help Me Disappear

to completely dissolve,
what method is used
I cannot sleep,
my hands are bruised
there's a hole in the wall,
torn up anew
one dead eye,
the colour of you

to vanish for life
and promise t...

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High white ways
Shattered by rain
Pale dead walls
Nerves pushed in pain
Red light faced
Mirrors of the dead
People in the archways
Eyes full of lead

Always closing down myself
Lower sigh...

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The Future Of Speech

my prospects have become less promising
I find it hard to believe in anything
seems I lost my world and so I lost my faith
and I can't go back to where I've been

a brand new day
it can't get...

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Ghost Of The Sun

The thin darkness here
Not srong enough to make you appear
I once changed my style
When they said hello I said goodbye
I once played a role
I was out there marketing my soul

The city of gla...

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I Am Nothing

tonight I'm nothing
it doesn't matter where I've been
delay of reaction is
the unseen movie of this life

I remember one of my friends
telling me to go ahead

water on every side
there's ...

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