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Good to Be Lonely

Wind through the window,
Come sing me a song.
Show me the way to go home.
I've been disconnected,
Loved and rejected,
Travelling inside of my soul.

And I've clenched my fist
And I've cried fo...

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And She Cries

And she cries, when the rain begins to fall
And she hides, from the shadows on the wall,
'cos she knows, there is nothing she can do at all.

She lives for him,
He is her only sin,

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How Many Times

How many times must I lead you to water,
How many times must I catch you from grace
And how many times must the lamb go to slaughter,
It seems that things will never change.

How many times can y...

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I Don't Wanna Know

I don't wanna know what's going on
And I don't wanna know what's right or wrong
And I don't wanna know who's bed you're in
And I don't wanna know just where you've been.

Oh baby, you were never ...

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I Need You

We used to laugh
We used to cry
We used to bow our head then
Wonder why
But now you're gone
I guess I'll carry on
And make the best of what you left me
Left to me, left to me
I need you
Like ...

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You know that true love's always hard to find
But it seems it's harder when true love divides
I wanna believe
That we can move on without the pain
And I wanna believe
That we can move on without ...

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I Should Have Know

If I could say to you
And you could say to me,
Love is not enough,
To keep our devotion,
'cos time and time again,
You've disappeared and then,
You've come home to me
And played my emotions.


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I've read the headlines covering your wall,
A thousand lifetimes, you must have lived them all,
We took our chances, I love the way you fall.
Over there, I see you over there,
Tossed around the su...

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Everybody knows, every kind of fool
I'm just one that sees the world with open eyes
The countless lies, the truth denied,
Which ever way the wind blows
And we're crucified - crucified
On the cros...

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Day After Day

I have walked through the fire as an ordinary man
And if I die, I die in peace, part of all that God has planned,
'cos I believe in you and the best is yet to come,
You've been alone it's true, dad...

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Don't Let Me Down

If you look at me you'll see a fragile man
Looking for an open door to bring him back into the light
If you listen to my heart for just one day
You'll hear the sound of love I've found that

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You say hello,
Nowhere to go,
Against the wall,
You start to fall.

Under the heavens floating gently,
A vision I long to see will be,
Finding the road to resolution,
Watching the day break ov...

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Photograph Smile

There's a light on that covers the blue
And I want to be closer to you
And she's smiling and waving goodbye,
Who'd've thought that I'd ever ask why?

And she's waving goodbye with that photograp...

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Kiss Beyond The Catcher

A love beyond a look,
A touch beyond temptation,
A vision beyond vogue,
One of god's finest creations.

Well it's the kiss beyond the catcher,
There is nothing that could match her.

To touch ...

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Way to Your Heart

I wanna touch you
I wanna hold you
I want to love you
But not to mold you
I wanna feel you
I want to kiss you
I wanna leave you
So I can miss you.

Please, show me the way you are,
Show me t...

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If you could say to me that you'd undoubtedly be faithful to me,
Then I would say to you that I'd undoubtedly be faithful to you.
After all this time
I am here to say that I would sign upon the dot...

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Get a Life

No money no pride
Stick your finger in your eye
It's all a joke, it's just a ride
Save it for another guy
Kick yourself in the head
Pretty soon you will be dead
Get yourself another job
Don't b...

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You think you know what makes me happy
You think you know what makes me cry
You think you know everything about me
Well from the horse's mouth it's lies
You say you know the situation
You say you...

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Help Yourself

If you take a ride on a plane or a train
You know you're going somewhere
But is it in vain
Oh tell me
Please tell me
Catch a staring glance at the man on the ground
Do you think his life has bee...

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We are a rock revolving
Around a golden sun
We are a billion children
Rolled into one
So when I hear about
The hole in the sky
Saltwater wells in my eyes
We climb the highest mountain
We'll ma...

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