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A Lovers Holiday

When I'm in love

I do it right

One on one

All thru the night

Ooh I take my time

And work it slow

You've been whipped

Before you know

Cause these...

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Come To Me (One Way Or Another)

You smiled at me

It was instant ecstasy

And I know for sure

I'm not gonna let this feeling show


Then you slipped away

And left me dreamin' every day


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Daddys Home


Shep & The Limelites

You're my love you're my angel

You're the girl of my dreams

I'd like to thank you for waiting patiently


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Do What Do

Why don't you do what you do

When you did what you did to me

Do what you do when you did

What you did to me

I was crazy for you, you were crazy for me

How co...

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Do What You Do

Why don't you do what you do

When you did what you did to me

Do what you do when you did

What you did to me

I was crazy for you, you were crazy for me


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Do You Remember Me

Don't judge by what you see

There's a softer part of me

Girl, my life has been so cold

There were times I needed you so

Do you remeber me

I'm the one who lo...

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Jermaine Jackson

(words & music by Andy Goldmark/Bruce Roberts)

I don't know too much

But I know love the way I've been touched

It's you...

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Escape From The Planet Of The Ant Men

feat. Randy & Tito Jackson

They came form outer space

I was kidnapped

Outside my cage there's an army of ants

Brought me a mate today

Love at first sight

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Give A Little Love

Both of us talking

Ain't nobody giving an inch...such a shame

The beat of our hearts

They're just so far apart

That we can't even feel the pain

So tell me h...

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I Dream, I Dream

I'm so excited with the thought of touching you

So please don't deny me

Make my wish a dream come true

Ooh cause everytime I close my eyes

I feel a little magic

I ge...

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I Hear Heartbeat

On ever wave that breaks

In ever soul that aches

You know it, the feeling

You want somebody

The message is loud and clear

I wonder if you can hear

This beatin...

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I Think Its Love

I Think It's Love

Jermaine Jackson

(Jermaine Jackson/Michael Omartian/Stevie Wonder)

I'm a greedy lover for lovin'

When it's from you

I'm a choos...

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If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful

Duet with Whitney Houston

If you say my eyes are beautiful

It's because they're looking at you

And if you could only see yourself,

You'd feel the same way, too.

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Let Me Tickle Your Fancy


Jermaine Jackson

Like the sun, I rise and shine

With last night on my mind

It's so hard to concentrate

Til our love we r...

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Lets Get Serious

Let's Get Serious

Jermaine Jackson

(words & music by Stevie Wonder & Lee Garrett)

Close my eyes and I see your face at night.

Toss and turn, fall to sleep...

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Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

w/ Whitney Houston

Like a candle burning bright

Love is glowing in your eyes

A flame to light our way

That burns brighter ev'ry day

But, now, I have you ...

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Oh Mother

Have I told you

You are my river

That never stops for a rest

Have I thanked you for letting me

Come out of you

And giving me all your best


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Our Love Story

If you don't mind

Can we pretend

We never met each other

Like the first time

Start again

Keepin' it under cover

'Cause it feels so good to ...

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Paradise In Your Eyes

Whoa, whoa

Paradise it’s in your eyes

Oh, paradise all in your eyes

Ooh, paradise it’s all in your eyes



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Precious Moments

I think about the time we first met

I was taken by surprise when I saw the gleam of love in your eyes

And then you smiled at me with ecstasy

And you softly stole my heart


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