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American Dreamin'

Dreamed of you this morning
Then came the dawn, and I thought you were here with me
If you could only see
How much i love you
That's all that's all that's all baby
Oh no, i'll never give u...

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Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...)

And the winner is man? SPEECH!

First of all I wan' thank my connect
The most important person with all due respect
Thanks for to duffle bag, the brown paper bag
The Nike shoe box ...

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I Know

And I Know And I Know
And I Know And I Know
And I Know And I Know
And I Know And I Know
I know what you like
Everything you love
I know what you like
Everything you love
And I Know A...

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Party Life

I like the party life...
Break Out The Red Lights
The city in bright lights
Welcome To The Party Life
These girls dressin' skintight...
Welcome to the 70's--Sweet!

Ordered some...

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Ignorant Shit

(feat. Beanie Sigel)

Just the sound of his voice is a hit!
Ya'll niggas got me really confused out there
I make "Big Pimpin" or "Give It 2 Me", one of those...
Ya'll hail me as t...

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Say Hello

Its that Rocafella music....

Say hello
To the bad guy
They say i'm a bad guy
I come from the bottom
But now i'm mad fly
Say Hello
They say i'm a menace
That's ...

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(feat. Bilal)

I know i shouldnt've did that
I know its gon' come right back
I know its gon' destroy everything i made
Its probably gon' get ya boy sent away
But this game I play, ain't n...

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Blue Magic

(feat. Pharrell)

Roc-a-fella records
The imperial Skateboard P
Great Hova
Y'all already know what it is (Oh Shit!)

[Verse 1]
So what if you flip a couple words
I co...

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The Prelude

[Intro: snippets of Eddie in "Super Fly"]
You know, you've got this.. fantasy in your head about
getting outta the life and, setting the corporate world on its ear
What the FUCK you gonna do e...

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Oh My God

[Verse One]

Pops sped off
Left Mom with a bundle of
Joy ya boy
Smack dab in the jungle
Took tunnel vision
But he would soon become a mogul
But first he brought that crack back like a...

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Kingdom Come

[Intro (Sample courtesy of "Superfreak" by Rick James)]
I don't know what life will be in H.I.P. H.O.P.
Without the boy H.O.V. (I will be, I will be)
Not only N.Y.C. I'm hip hop's savior (Yeah...

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Show Me What You Got

This is State Of Emergency
What you want me to do? I'm sorry!
I'm back..hehehe
UH, huh uh, lets go get 'em Just

Show me what you got, lil mam...

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Lost One

(feat. Chrisette Michele)

Uh, uh, uh, uh
It's not a dis song, it's just a real song
Feel me?

I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov
Made Hov say, "OK so, make another Hov"
Niggaz w...

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Do U Wanna Ride

(feat. John Legend)

This is the operator with a collect call from "Emory Jones"
To accept the charges, press one now

Uhh, woo!
Emory whattup?
Told you I ain't too g...

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30 Something

You ain't got enough stamps in your passport to fuck with young H-O
International ... uugh ...
show ya young boys how to do this thing

the maturation of Jay-Z Z
check me out

30's the n...

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I Made It

[Verse One]

Momma I made it
Ya'll know how I do when the Doc do it
I fly thru it
That's how I operated
Momma I made it
Ghetto like the grease when you getting your hair braided

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(feat. Usher, Pharrell)

[Chorus Usher & Pharrell]

Anything you want girl
I'll bet you never seen it like this
Just stay up on that floor girl
And I'll grant all your wishes
You know,...

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(feat. Beyonce)

[Intro: Jay-Z + (Beyonce)]
(Uhhhh) Welcome to Hollywood baby
(Take a picture) Uh huh
You coming with? (Let's not even talk about it)
Let's do it...

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I try to pretend that I'm different but in the end we're all the same (all the same)
I pray to god, father forgive a nigga I'm never gonna change (gonna change)
I try to pretend that I'm differe...

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Dig A Hole

(feat. Sterling Simms)

Dig a whole burry yourself niggah
Go ahead, keep goin i got some nice dresses for you guys over there
The Incomparable H.O.

What you see now?

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История в фотографиях (25)


И сново в нашей подборке про милых дам. Изобретательница современного бюстгалтера и Принцесса Маргарет принимает ванну. Коллин Стэн провела в гробу 7 лет. Одри Хепберн со своим домашним любимцем....

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В подборке мы увидим единственную фотографию участника Бородинского сражения в возрасте 117 лет, мы вам покажем мператрицу Японии с подружками в детском саду. Трон Ивана Грозного и пороховой будильник...

История в фотографиях (22)


Сегодня мы Вам покажем шины с подсветкой, разработанные Goodyear в 1961 году. Очередь из 30.000 человек в первый российский Макдональдс. Особняк в Амитивилле в котором живет приведение....