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Light Skin, Dark Skin, My Asian Persuasion,
I Got them all that's why these girls out here hatin
Cause I'm sexy

Do you like my style
Yeah that sexy sexy sexy
Like I rock it down

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I've been down this road before
I know it very well
And I just can't believe
I've been struck
I didn't see it (comin')
I was (blindfolded)
I'm caught up in (collision)
And now I'm so d...

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Aaah you make me up and down through emotions
Like a rollercoaster
Spinnin like a ferris wheel
Aaah you turn me upside down with my feelin
And I know the reason
Baby your love is surreal...

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Rock With U

(I want to rock with you)
I want to rock with you
Just once
(I want to rock with you)
Come on

Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh [3x]

(I want to rock with you)

Strobe lights
Make every...

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Somethin' in the air is got me feeling like I want it 2nite
Ohhh, ohhh
Somethin' in the air is got me feeling like I want it 2nite

Close the door
Eternal lights
Make me feel wonderful ...

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Can't B Good

Open my eyes first thing I see
Your love smile smiling at me
Kiss my forehead up out of bed
Off to start your day here in bed I stay
Thinking bout last night be playing in my mind

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Never Letchu Go

A funny thing bout luv we choose
It ain't perfect but we do the best we can
Do U understand
And I luv U more than words can say
Here's to knowin that you'll stay with me
Through the comp...

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Greatest X

Yeah [x8]

My momma told me that this could happen to me
That he would grow to be this sexy man
But I just couldn't see
Cause I had my blinders on
I was in my zone
And I had the troug...

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So Much Betta

Tired of being number 2
I can do what she can't do
So much betta I'm for you
So so much betta I'm for you

Don't need another
I can prove it
Just let me love you
Watch me do it

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The 1

[Missy Elliott:]
Tell me how long is it boo?
Seven inches
Yup that'll do (C'mon)
Want another lover
Not another lover (lover)
Cause you the type of brother
I get freaky undercover (yea...

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What's Ur Name

Hold up
Slow it down
I can see you new in town
Cuz I'd never
Forget you face
That smile you wear
Is amazin
Just wanna know
Where you headed
I could roll
Wit you baby
Make som...

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I fell through the ice
She won't be coming back too soon
It never wins to lie
She said you'll never have no rights

I've took it farther on the outside
I've took it nearly to the brink ...

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You seen my show
You followed my tour
I heard you scream
With eighty thousand more
But tonight
I close up my door
In your room
Know I pull em
Out of the crowd
And guess who


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Looking For Love

We're vulnerable
We're sensitive
And we're complicated people, too
So many people rolled into one
We contain so much
So much creativity
So much energy
So many contradictions
So much co...

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Damita Jo

Sexy Quiet
Shy, but down for a good time
Taurus sign
Like rain, but love the sunshine
Makin' headlines
Feel I'm too deep define
Simple inside
But I'm livin' the diva life

Damita Jo

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I...cause I wanna sexplore you
I...put my hands up on you (babe)
I...wanna feel ur sexplosion
I.. and I'm gonna take you on a sexcapade

I don't have to figure out
What you are a...

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Strawberry Bounce

[Chorus 1]
La-la-la-la [repeat]
I like to make it
You know I'll make it
(Now can you take it)

Ooh baby
Let me be your playground
Push it out and catch it on the rebound

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My Baby

(feat. Kanye West)

You see I go by the name of Kan the Louis Vuitton Don
I'm with my home girl
Who need to hook me up with some of her home girls
Yeah, Janet Jackson
We back, baby


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The Islands

The islands
Anguila that's my favorite
I love the Islands
That's my escapism
They relax me
That ocean
The weather
I love humidity
I love the sand
I love the palm trees
I love curli...

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Spending Time With You

I close my eyes and fantasize
And I just imagine
A tropical island
We're all alone
Our pagers and cell phones shut off
Hot sunny heat
Cool ocean breeze
The sand beneath our feet
The cr...

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