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Big Girl

I remember how it was a year ago

You didn't wanna know a thing about me

You said I wasn't old enough, and didn't have it going on

But all changed suddenly

Got you o...

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Beautiful. Intelligent. Talented. Cool. Honey.

I'm a B.I.T.C.H!

[Chorus x2:]

I'll be that bitch tonight (I'll show you bitch - bitch!)

Beautiful. Intelligent. Talented. ...

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(feat. Rah Digga)

[Rah Digga:]

Yeah Rah Digga

First lady of the flipmode squad

First lady of the outsidaz, Jamelia

The collaboration is going down

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Boy Next Door

ummmmm, yeah ah yeah yeah

Never ever, in a million years

Was this what, I was thinking of

Crazy, some how it never crossed my mind

My first friend becoming my firs...

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Call Me

Layin' in my bed

Thoughts of you fill me head

Here all alone, won't go to sleep

Coz I havn't heard the telephone

Ring, ring yet?

I ain't gonna sweat


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Dirty Dirty


We can be all cute, all sweet, and flirty flirty

But won't hesitate to get dirty dirty

Ain't nothing you can do when we decide

It's about to get dirty

Can be a ...

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I Do

mmmm, ummm, mmmm

I've been around but never found

someone that compares to you my friend

but how can I tell you

that everytime you cross my mind

I wish t...

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Hmm yeh yeh yeh yeh

Baby I found a letter today

Oh it’s so beautiful

Declaring your undying love so poetically

But it wasn’t written to me

So I guess I wasn’t s’p...

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Money don't say you love me

Cash won't make me stay

I came here with my own things

And I can leave the same way

And if you really cared babe

You would s...

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Off Da Endz

(feat. Asher D)


This guy is off da endz

Baby boy even made me forget my friends

When Mr. Off Da Endz puts his lips on me

My lady-like tende...

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People always talk about

Hey oh hey oh hey oh

All the things there all about

Hey oh hey oh hey oh

Write it on a piece of paper

Got a feeling now see you later

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Too much looking with your eyes

Jets steaming from all sides

My heart is jumping, I can't control it (aah ooh)

Get me talking from my mind

Boo creeping up behind

Think I ...

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Thank You

[Verse 1:]

The fights, those nights

I tried to pretend it don't hurt

The way, I prayed

Someday that you would love me

Really, completely

Just how I wanted it to be<...

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If you ever feel like you need,

Someone to be your antidote to lonely,

I'll be quicker than you'd imagine me,

Let me deal wid lonely.

[Verse 1]

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Let me see ya bounce bounce, yeah,

Baby let me see ya, bouncing baby, ah,

Let me see you bounce, I wanna sse ya bounce,

Let me let me, see ya bounce for me,

Come on and bou...

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Club Hoppin

Yeah, you know what it is, Bubba Sparxxx, Jamelia

Me and my folks, it's some truly new southern copenhaniacs

Get your head together, it's on bitch, it's on bitch

All day long, twice ...

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[chorus x2]

Yo yo yo yo cutie, do you have a cutie!

If you aint a cutie! just let me know,

Cos im lookin for a cutie! just like you cutie!

What ta think? cutie! Are we good t...

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I Want You Ft. Blazin Squad

this is jamelia, i want you and this is the blazin squad.

you need to make up your mind, if you love me or if you hate me,

cant take this pain much longer, you make me feel just lik...

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One Day

now baby just take the time

to listen to me yeah

i'm tired of you talking

'bout how you're gonna do your best

to try and make it up to me now if you cna't see

that i love...

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Big Girl

I remember how it was a year ago

You didn't wanna know a thing about me

You said I wasn't old enough, and didn't have it going on

But all changed suddenly

Got you o...

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В последнее время в молодежном сленге появилось относительно новое понятие — ЧСВ, что расшифровывается как “чувство собственной важности (величия)”. Люди, страдающие от избытка такого чувства, уверены...

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Эти знаменитости часто скромно говорят о своей гражданской позиции, ограничиваясь сухой формулировкой «животных – люблю». Однако их чувства к братьям нашим меньшим – не обязанность, требуемая для имид...

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Все еще сомневаетесь в правдоподобности сказки про Золушку? А избранницы медийных персон уверены, что судьба найдет и у печки. Неожиданные профессии жен знаменитых мужчин, которые оказались далеки от ...

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Пока юмористы Гарик Харламов и Евгений Петросян мелькают в колонке звездных разводов, а «гламурные подонки» Comedy Club переходят на шутки 40+, молодые и обаятельные уже завоевали признание любителей ...

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Голливудская улыбка считается эталоном. Однако знаменитости не всегда готовы идти на жертвы ради красоты и затягивают поход к стоматологу. Звезды без зубов и их способы сохранить презентабельный вид....