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Devil's Party

(Andrew Farriss, J.D. Fortune)

At the devil's party
Nothing's a sin
At the devil's party
We know where you've been

If we're all right
Then tell me who's wrong
Love and war

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Pretty Vegas

(Music by Andrew Farriss/Lyrics by J.D. Fortune, Marty Casey, and Jordis Unga)

Falling asleep at the wheel again baby
You're drifting over the line (the line) yeah
You're hands are tied but ...

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(Andrew Farriss, Desmond Child)

Here I am
Lost in the light of the moon
That comes through my window
Bathed in blue
The walls of my memory
Divides the thorns from the roses
It's you ...

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Hot Girls

(Andrew Farriss, Guy Chambers, Lauren Christie)

Looking out my window
At some girl as I'm writing this and
I watch her eat a peach
The way she's biting it biting it
And I probably should...

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Remember Who's Your Man

(Andrew Farriss, Gregg Alexander, Annie Roboff)

Sugar I want to know you
Know you inside out
Mystery surrounds you
Got to figure it out
Driving down town to your house
Your lights are ...

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(Andrew Farriss)

The world is a hungry place
And it's never satisfied
Leaving home, on your own,
Your momma she was right

Home was a crowded space,
But it sometimes gratified
Look ...

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Never Let You Go

(Jon Farriss, J.D. Fortune)

Everything's good when it's sunshine
You should see me in the rain
Everyone knows what it feels like
To have to start over again
But I can't start over again ...

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Like It Or Not

(Kirk Pengilly, Hughie Murray)

Sex is sex and
Love is love
Mix em both up
Baby that's the stuff

I can't believe I'm seeing
The world come tumbling, crumbling down
Yeh less love the...

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(Andrew Farriss, Guy Chambers)

The world is always changing
You can see it everyday
But in a tragic situation
You just can't hide yourself away
So try a little kindness
Cause it should...

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God's Top Ten

(Andrew Farriss)

Romance is gone
He's drifting with the stars
A lyric in his pocket
Little girl in his heart

When she hears his songs
On the radio
I don't need to tell you
What y...

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Don't Lose Your Head

(backing vocals by tania hancheroff & joani bye)

You shot your mouth off like a kid
Who's scared to have a heart
You're losing grip of what really matters
'cause you don't know where to start

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Elegantly Wasted

Look at all that shines
Baby's down on the world and she knows it
If your spirit's running
Why don't we make it in the rain like we used to
We run
We hide
We wait and we want
The good life

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Let It Ride

Sky is blue I'm watching you
Grass is green what does it mean
Clouds are white don't loose that fight
Generations oversight
Is fucking up my poetry
Let it ride, ride, ride
Ride, ride, ride

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Yeah we're not the only ones
Who bleed for the love that's lost
Trust like the air we breathe
Live you've got to lose some sleep
Everything you do for me
Everything I do for you
Everything you...

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Shake The Tree

I'd love to take this lying down
But the world we know has lost it's crown
All night talk n' jazz cigarettes
Is never gonna change this killer town

I see her walking
In perfect time
She give...

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Girl on Fire

(the margarita horns: bill runge (baritone sax), paul baron & derry byrne (trumpets),
Tom keenlyside (tenor sax & arranger))

I just landed
Girl on fire
I felt the heat
From sydney to london

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She is Rising

Those pretty feet are stuck deep in the ground
And all that junk just keeps coming
Must be the time to rearrange it all
Another place another time has called
She is rising above this world
She ...

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We Are Thrown Together

I walk this mile
Like anyone
What could be found
In this sweet damaged smile
We are lost we are found
We are thrown together

Would you take my hand
Would you take my hand

Let's go

I w...

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(backing vocals by tania hancheroff & joani bye)

I am searching
I am not alone
I am searching
Please give me some
Have we lost direction
Washed our hands of blood
I'm in need of sensation

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I'm Just a Man

(backing vocals by billie godfrey & caroline mackendrick)

I'm just a man
My will is so strong
When I've got plans
I close my eyes to the pain
My mother ran
My father left town
But we still ...

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