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Guess whos comin to your big town
Jugglin Juggalas Jugglin Juggalas
Guess whos comin to your big town
Jugglin Juggalas Jugglin Juggalas
Guess whos comin to your big town
Jugglin Juggalas J...

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The People

This one is for my people all the very people This one is for my people
We got trees growin out the dirt for us to climb on beats attackin your ears for us to ryme on
Our time with a bag of purp...

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Clown Walk

(feat. Esham)

I Clown Walk jump back with the beat
Breathin with a step and a slap on the cheek
Foot work hear me squat when i walk by
With your hawk eye you get a chalk line
I dance up ...

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If I Was King

If i was a king all bitchs would blow me
Big bag piles of jewels for my homies
We would go to war and take everybodys land
No clothes alound for female citizens
Titties and nedens exposed fo...

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Dear ICP

Smack that bitch right across the lips
Cause she aint nothin but a filthy bitch
Beat the freak in the head with a cinder block
Blackin her eyes your lunatic tock
Cause i really dont gives a ...

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Welcome... to the Madhouse...
Here ghost wail and moan
Skeletons rattle trying to escape there prisoning coffins (Wicked Shit)
Grimlins and skulls gasp a death (ICP Tech N9ne)
You have enter...

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Feels So Right

Purged up like a gargoyle waiting up in a tree
Dropped down apon a victim falls so silently
Clown paint with a hoodie my face glows at night
Lurking through shadows all feels so right

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Homies (Remix)

Homies yeah thats my dog
Homies cause were down by law
Homies everything that we are
Homies yeah thats my dog

Let me ask you this about this life we live
And let me try to swerv...

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You were fuckin penny pencha id never give a incha
Short arms and deep pockets be sure to lock it real special
You wont go drivein through our neighborhood your fuckin
Your ...

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Bodies Fly

Bodies flyin to the sky and explode
People flyin to the sky and explode
Bodies flyin to the sky and explode
And then the blood rains all over the road

I aint never seen anything like my fi...

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Wicked Rappers Delight

(feat. Esham)

ICP and Esham wicked rappers delight 2015
Feins of the wicked shit its time to get hot
Bump your fuckin shit up for somthin wicked shit right
Detroit legendary demon lopatara...

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Pull your panties to the side
Pull your panties to the side
Pull your panties pull your panties
Pull your panties to the side

We in the limo drunk
In the back so let me hit from the back

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If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em

Come here man check it out
You know there laughing at you man
Fuck them man you know what im sayin come down here man
And join the carnival man

Gangsters bangin nuts straight hangin

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Nobody Move

(feat. Mack 10)

Nobody move Nobody get Hurt
I be waiting at the light
I be waiting at the light i got 8 seconds or less
To decide if imma walk or ride
I slide up and put the barrel to he...

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Yours Begins Tonight

I really aint got no wins
Thats all right
I never had nothin to spin playa
Thats still all right
I aint got to many friends
Thats all right
I dont know when a story begins either
Your ...

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C.P.K.S (Remix)

Crooked preacher killa
Crooked preacher killa
Crooked preacher killa
Crooked preacher killa
Crooked preacher killa
Crooked preacher killa
Crooked preacher killa
Crooked preacher killa ...

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Swallow This Nut

Aloha hoes its big joe on the intro
My dick in your mouth its that simple
Im violent j with a gang of dick
For you and them rabbits you hangin with
My clown paint glows in the dark dont be s...

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Intro (The Calm)

[Cows mooing and carnival music plays in the background]

Here we are. This is the calm before the storm. We off the track now. That means we're heading into
brand new unknown territorys y'all....

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Rollin' Over

Rolin' over, Hell muthafuckin' yeah bitch. Hatchet chop straight to your muthafuckin' face. Rollin'
over. I look up ther's still so far to go? Wicked clowns got that real shit. What up t...

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Let me in this bitch. Let me get some change shit. Man fuck this dress code bitch. i can dance
muthafucka. i can daaannncccee.

[verse 1]
i'm on crack, Walkin alleyways downtown, pe...

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История в фотографиях (547)


Анна Николь Смит - американская модель и актриса, 1990-е. Сэр Эдмунд Хиллари и шерп Норгей Тенцинг на вершине Эвереста. Гималаи. Непал. 1953 год. Первые покорителя Эвереста. Эро фотосессия Светланы Ло...

История в фотографиях (546)


Брижит Бардо, 1958 год. Джанин Гиддингс для Vogue, 1993 год. Броня для лошади и всадника, Милан, Италия, середина XVI века....

История в фотографиях (545)


Александр Лукашенко в юности. Ксения Собчак на страницах глянца. Майкл Джексон и Бенни Хилл, 1988 год. Сильвестр Сталлоне и Дэвид Моррелл на съёмках "Рэмбо III", 1987 год....

История в фотографиях (544)


Трансформация Анны Семенович с 90х. Мел Бланк «Человек с 1000 голосами», 1978 год.
Донателла Версаче и Дженнифер Лопес в 1995 году. ...

История в фотографиях (543)


Синди Кроуфорд, 90-е. Актер-лилипут Мичу Мезарес, исполнявший роль Альфа. Флaкон фpaнцузских дуxoв L'Orange Variee, 1925 год...

История в фотографиях (542)


Базилика для крещения в Тунисе. Ее сооружение датируется примерно 6 веком нашей эры. Мэрилин Монро, 1953 год. Путин в Чечне - 1999 год. Вулкан в Западном Камокуна, Гавайи, 1996 год....