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A Beautiful Day

Life is a journey, not a destination,
There are no mistakes,
Just chances we've taken,
Lay down your regrets cause all we have is now

Wake up in the morning and get out of bed,
Start makin...

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Always In My Head

You're like a cool breeze, on a summer's day
You are a river running through the desert plain
You are my shelter, from the pouring rain
You were my comfort, even before the pain

I can hear t...

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Back To The Middle

She is, twenty five, spent over half of her life
So afraid to speak her mind, it's such a shame
'Cause what a brilliant mind she has

And now she's been introduced to confidence

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The time is right
I'm gonna pack my bags
And take that journey down the road
Cause over the mountain I see the bright sun shinning
And I want to live inside the glow

I wanna go to p...

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Beautiful Surprise

It's like yesterday
I didn't even know your name
Now today
You're always on my mind
I never could have predicted that I feel this way
You're beautiful surprise
Intoxicated every time I hea...

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Brown Skin

Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin
I cant tell where yours begins, I cant tell where mine ends
Brown skin, up against my brown skin
Need some every now and then:oh hey:

Where are yo...

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Constantly creepin' caterpillar
Still a swoon in a cocoon
Soon you might emerge
And you're made to emerge

A little longing to love, lush
Starving for affection
Hidden by the size of my p...

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Can I Walk With You

I woke up this morning
You were the first thing on my mind

I don't know were it came from
All I know is I need you in my life, yeah

You make me feel like I can be a better woman
If you j...

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Come Ye

Come ye ye who would have peace
Hear me what I say now
I say come ye ye who would have peace
It’s time to learn how to pray

I say come ye ye who have no fear
What tomorrow brings child

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Complicated Melody

If he were a color
He'd be a deep dark forrest green
If he were a car
He'd be a long stretch limousine
With room for all of humanity inside
Cause he is so giving
And he is so wise
If he ...

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Get It Together

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your kin
Kept it inside didn't tell no one else
Didn't even want to admit it to yourself
And now your ch...

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God Is Real

The sweetest honey to the brightest flower
The largest planet to the smallest atom
Snowflakes and the bird kingdom
Smaller thatn the eye can see bigger then the mind can conceive

Heard a man...

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Good Man

I remember the first day
I met you
we were so young
you were a blessing
and there was no guessing
you were the one
Love is so crazy
We had a baby
and said our vows
That's wh...

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He Heals Me

I told him my biggest secret
And he told me four
He smiled at me and said
That makes me love you more

And then he made me laugh
And I knew it was a sign
That he was a man
That I wanted...

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Headed In The Right Direction

Headed in the right direction
I can see the light of day
I've got love as my connection
There's an angel showing me the way

Been reaching for love all my life
I couldn't find it a...

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I Am Not My Hair (Featuring Akon)

See I can kinda recall little ways back
Small tryin' to bawl always been black
And my hair I tried it all, I even went flat
Had a gumdee curly top and all the crap now

Just tryin' to be appr...

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I Am Not My Hair (Konvict Remix)

See I can kinda recall a lil ways back
Small tryin to ball always been black
And my hair I tried it all I even went flat
Had a gummy curled on top and all that crap (o oh)
Just tryin to be app...

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I See God In You

Every day that you pass my way, I wonder, I wonder about your life
What is your age, are you connected if so, does she treat you right
Now please, excuse me for being so forward
Bur I couldn't l...

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I'm Not Your Average Girl

(Insturmental and Vocals)
Sometimes I shave my legs and
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I comb my hair and
Somtimes I won't
Depend on how the wind blows
I might even paint my toes
It really ...

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Too much hypocrisy in this old southern town for me
Way back in 1619 began this tragic story
Thrown into slavery the crime was the color of skin
Never to see the light of the past again

I wa...

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История в фотографиях (115)


Арнольд Шварцнеггер позирует с моделью в палас-театре Виктория. Лондон, 1968 год. Легенды джаза. Луи Армстронг и Билли Холидей. США. 1947г. Присцилла и Элвис Пресли в день их свадьбы. Принцесса Диана,...

История в фотографиях (114)


15-летняя Ева Мендес берет автограф у 17-летней Алисы Милано, 1989 год. Близняшки Пип и Флип, популярные актеры цирка уродов, 1923 год. Моника Беллуччи и Брюс Вебер, 1991....

История в фотографиях (113)


Канадская модель Мэй Маск (мама Илона Маска), 1960-е. ВМ-Т «Атлант» перевозит топливный бак для ракетоносителя «Энергия», СССР, 1981 год.
Писк моды в 90-е...Цветные леггинсы....

История в фотографиях (112)


Роберт Макги - мужчина, выживший после скальпирования индейцами в 13-летнем возрасте. 1864 год. Молодая Жанна Фриске, 1996 год. Mapлон Брандо играет с котом на съёмкax фильма "Кpecтный отец", 1971 год...

10 самых известных лысых женщин


Современный мир привык к классической женской красоте, но есть звезды России и Голливуда, которым даже с нестандартной внешностью удается покорять поклонников. Список самых ярких лысых артисток и их ф...

Звезды которые страдают от облысения


Хотя звезды и получают немалые гонорары, против некоторых проблем они бессильны. Многие российские, голливудские и мировые знаменитости страдают от облысения. ...