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Take This Life

It's not so much the pain
It's more the actual knife
Pretending the picture is perfect,
I cut myself to sleep
I close my eyes for a second
And meet a fragile soul
I scream to hide that...

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Like leeches
"Ignorance we trust"
If you say this way, I'll take that way
Fuel for the fire on which I thrive

Spit me out
I'm glad I don't belong
Save me the speech [I know] ...

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Reflect The Storm

Shot for shot
Let the bullet penetrate me
Embrace me
Tell me stories of golden gods
The precision in your voice
Pierce the walls that I've build
Your eyes reach deep in ME

Take a c...

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We are ordinary people,
We all live different lives
In the end we're pretty much the same
We're just living in differnt lies
We just live in differnt lies!

They scream, You scream, I ...

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Dead End

Save all your prayers
I think we lost today
There's no morning after
No one's around to blame

I'm not afraid to bleed
But I won't do it for you
A star among hypocrites
The melody o...

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The yesterday we loved.
Speak of tomorrow.
The burden of man is that time never takes a pause
We live from monday to sunday
But we forget what it means
Then a ghost comes to visit
And ...

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Pacing Death's Trail

It's all a compromise.

Please define the lines.

Pair up to succeed.


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Crawl Through Knives

The black hole forever mine.
I need the fear.
Push me out
Ohh be brave
Show me signs
Should I feel shame for the questions that I have with you?

If you could be
The things I need. ...

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Versus Terminus

When all is said and done
We'll know what's right, what's wrong
But does it matter then
When all is said and done

When all is dead and gone
We'll know who lost, who won
But does it m...

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Our Infinite Struggle

In a disaster story
A central confilct of primal rage
Usual sort of desperation
Characters remain the same


Feeding on life leftovers
I am writing ...

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Vanishing Light

Vanishing light
The end of a compromise
In fury, in rage
A dream will demenish

Behind enemy lines
Learn to survive
Find a way to clone
Make friends and place a to call home


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Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

Find time
And play with innocence
Like you ever would
I don't see you make any sense
I guess you deliver misery
Just like you should

9 o'clock
And you paint the skies grey
It's n...

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As they all felt the fire
they turned me into an outsider
I never heard from them again
So ironic when you called for a favor today

It's always easy to judge
But it takes a lot to be speci...

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The Quiet Place

Spinning further, deeper
I know you're out to try me
I'm not in this to be a slave
Push the dirt, make me feel
Locate what swallows life
Night bird you build my world

..and then I close ...

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Dead Alone

I'll always belong to the shadow
Don't show me new results
I will never enter your heaven
Make the most of my dirty cell

Creeps infected by control
That's what put me in here
Dig deep do...

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Touch Of Red

Reaching depth of clarity
I'm not supposed to be like this
I should be on the top of the world
Is anybody out there like me?

I followed something's missing
Self control Forcing me down

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Like You Better Dead

I can be as angry as I want to be
Just watch me burn
I think you're way too cold
Just watch and learn

I'll never sleep here anymore
My house is not my home
I like you better dead
And I...

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My Sweet Shadow

I'm selling heavenly sketches
A world out of my mind
Ready to explode in purity to fill the holes inside

An ever moving stream with glowing rays of light
Emotions tied to pass lies and I kno...

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Evil In A Closet

We were one in words
You finished my sentence
I could never attract tomorrow
It pushes me aside

I sink in waters deep
Your presence kept me floating far from depths where secrets lie

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In Search For I

It hurts to think
Can't get the sums together
Would you draw my bitterness
Make the pictures fade

Could it be that I see
What's beneath when we fall
The truth in ever
I'm scared that I...

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История в фотографиях (27)


Мы вам покажем фотографию девочки которая в возрасте 11 лет вместе со своей 13-летней подружкой Нормой с перерывом в два месяца она задушила двух мальчиков. Николай II, цесаревич Алексей, великая кня...

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В новенькой подборке 13-летний Лионель Месси подписывает контракт, продавец Эйфелевой башни. Уинстон Черчилль не только политик а еще и талантливый художник. Кристен Стюарт в образе принцессы Дианы....

Как выглядят дети российских олигархов


На «золотых наследниках» уже с пеленок лежит ответственность за развитие и продвижение семейного дела. Между тем эти молодые люди не всегда готовы продолжить начинания отца и иногда выбирают самостоят...

Сколько стоят хиты российских исполнителей


Еще с советских времен мы помним, что песня должна быть такой, чтобы «душа развернулась, а потом обратно завернулась». Искрометный репертуар рождает синглы, которые затем дарят знаменитости популярнос...

История в фотографиях (25)


И сново в нашей подборке про милых дам. Изобретательница современного бюстгалтера и Принцесса Маргарет принимает ванну. Коллин Стэн провела в гробу 7 лет. Одри Хепберн со своим домашним любимцем....

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В подборке мы увидим единственную фотографию участника Бородинского сражения в возрасте 117 лет, мы вам покажем мператрицу Японии с подружками в детском саду. Трон Ивана Грозного и пороховой будильник...