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Well it's 1969 OK all across the USA

It's another year for me and you

Another year with nothing to do

Last year I was 21 I didn't have a lot of fun

And now I'm gonna be 22 ...

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Out of my mind on Saturday night

1970 rollin' in sight

Radio burnin' up above

Beautiful baby, feed my love

All night till I blow away

All night till I blow a...

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Afraid to Get Close

Watching the cat sleep on my pillows

Afraid to get close to anyone and afraid not to

The need of all creatures to be warmed and touched

The girls who want dads

I think the writ...

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I'm the kind of girl

I want that whole wide world

Nothing more nothing less

I don't want second best

Ah but my associates

Why they're no more than opiates


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You took my arm and you broke my will

You made me shiver wiht a real thrill

You took my arm and we walked along

down the road to a quiet song

I looked into your cool cool e...

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Avenue B

Rapper standing on the corner

Wrappers flying in the wind

Waitress up from Alabama

Can't believe the cold she's in

And me, I'm sitting in my castle

On the verge of a divo...

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Baby, don't you cry

Baby, I'll sing you a lullabye

We're walking down the

Street of chance

Where the chance is always

Slim or none

And the intentions ...

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Bang Bang

Well this ain't the right thing to do, so let's go

Young girls they know what they're after

Young girls don't kiss me goodbye

Rocktes shooting up into space

Buildings th...

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Beside You

I been hungry way down in my heart

waiting for a reason

i been hungry like a lot of guys

i want to be beside you

lonely people pass me in the street

waiting for a reason<...

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Pop before the war

lunch before the score

steady as she goes

following my nose

I'm a bull mongrel

that's me

Shimon Peres

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Pop before the war

lunch before the score

steady as she goes

following my nose

I'm a bull mongrel

that's me

Shimon Peres

whatcha gonna do

I'm fro...

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Boogie Boy

i'm a boogie boogie boogie boogie boy

i like to play around with boogie toys

i need a boogie girl to boogie too

i need a doogie god my shoe to chew

i like to make a dumb ass no...

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Brick By Brick

People are so sad and I know why

With no chance to live before you die

You get pretty sick if you hafta

Keep it inside

I wanna build a house where an ad don't screa...

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Butt Town

The cops are well-groomed, with

Muscled physiques in Butt Town

Their tan uniforms are tailored in chic

In Butt Town

Any young Black male who walks down the street


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people of america

i bring you a great army

to preserve peace

in our empire

throw them to the lions

darling, let us go to the banouet hall...

there will be a great f...

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It's a rainy afternoon In 1990

The big city...geez, it's been 20 years!


You were so fine

Beautiful, beautiful Girl from the north

You burned my heart with ...

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Iggy Pop

It's a rainy afternoon

In 1990

The big city geez it's been 20 years-

Candy-you were so fine

Beautiful beautiful...

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Well, i 'll tell you

one good thing at least about some

of these junkies was

they had some character

they may have driven me nuts


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China Girl

I couldn't escape this feeling

With my China Girl

I'm just a wreck without

My little China Girl

I'd hear hearts beating

Loud as thunder

See the stars crashing

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Cock In My Pocket

I got my cock in my pocket

And I'm reelin

Down the old highway

I got my cock in my pocket

And I'm reelin

Down the old highway

I'm gonna whip it on you honey


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