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Shakin' All Over

When you move in right up close to me
That's when I get the shivers all over me
Shivers down my backbone
I get the shakes in the thighbone
Shivers in my knee bone
Shakin' all over

Just the way...

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Soy un gringo
Del pais brutal y frio
Nada de esa mierda
Es mi culpa
Y un dia yo vi la salida
Ya yo hablo espanol
Ya yo hablo espanol
Ya yo hable espanol
Yo hablo espanol

Vendi la...

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A little girl trapped in her knowledge and craft
Came tripping to my room last night
I cooked her a steak and I tried not to fake
And still make everything alright
She had dreads in her hair and p...

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She Call Me Daddy

She's gone
I froze her out
Move by move
First I didn't hold her hand
Then I didn't touch her in bed
Then I wasn't tender with her upsets
Then I just told her to go
And still, she didn't go
I h...

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Afraid to Get Close

Watching the cat sleep on my pillows
Afraid to get close to anyone and afraid not to
The need of all creatures to be warmed and touched
The girls who want dads
I think the writing is eating up mys...

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Miss Argentina

Her skin is copper and her voice is spanish red
Her vibe is golden ��till her anger kills it dead
She wants the world to see
A body rich in harmony
A mouth cruel as death

She ride...

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Avenue B

Rapper standing on the corner
Wrappers flying in the wind
Waitress up from alabama
Can't believe the cold she's in
And me, I'm sitting in my castle
On the verge of a divorce

And if I haven't g...

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I Felt The Luxury

She sat on the pavement
As I pulled in the drive
Wearing leopard skin velvet
And shiny black eyes
She looks like a sleeper
Said my wife at the time
She had curls like delilah
And a smile like t...

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I saw her in a dream but it wasn't true
Through the smoke and fire
Of the exhaust fumes
She just laughed and loved me ��till I was no use
And I'll never fall in love again
She's a m...

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From the drip drip drip of the teardrops
To the chink chink chink of the cash
To the end end end of the friendships
To the wack wack wack of the bash
Corruption corruption corruption
Rules my sou...

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Long Distance

Alone with the phone again
The deepening light seeps in my mind
I'm desperate to hear a voice
Can this really be my choice?
I'm fifty and I'm tricky
And I'm sick of being alone
You're twenty-fi...

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No Shit

It was in the winter of my fiftieth year
When it hit me
I was really alone
And there wasn't a hell a lot of time left
Every laugh and touch that I could get
Became more important
Strangely, I be...

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Nazi Girlfriend

I want to fuck her on the floor
Among my books of ancient lore
So I will make a full report
I got a nazi girlfriend

It's not the four-inch heels she wears
It's not her baby-fine blond hair

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Look Away

I slept wlth sable when she was 13
Her parents were too rich to do anything
She rocked her way around l.a
'til a new york doll carried her away

Look away look away

Now he was blond and she wa...

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Shoeshine Girl

One day as I was walking
Through an airport corridor
I saw a comely goth girl
With tattos on her form
She gezed up with her pretty white fece
And shone her eyes on me
She shined my shoes and the...

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Pussy Walk

The other day I was walking down 14th street
It was a beautiful summer day
The sun was shining
And I found myself surrounded by latin american and dark women

And as I looked at their ankles,

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Heart is Saved

Gamblin on instincts well here's what I found
Voice from my pocket starts pulling me down
Tells me my bucks ain't enough
And life doesn't have to be rough

But a little white cloud
Tells me what...

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Fancy apple lap top cost 5 grand
Fresh girl in a t-shirt silll looks best
Travel to a sunny quiet land
Layin' on the beach I miss my pests
Life's turning up the pressure

It's makin' me aggressi...

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To Belong

A bird is sitting on the pavement
Someone broke his wing
Now that bird is going nowhere
And he's suffering

Now I understand the setup
I see everything
And the only way to go
Is defy, is defy,...

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I Wanna Live

I see my future shuffling
A shakey step at a time
I got no choice but careful
Thank God I've done my crime
The tools I see on tv
Can't stand it when they fake
A prick's a prick at any age
Why g...

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История в фотографиях (37)


В подборке фото мы покажем Надю Команечи на Олимпийских играх в Монреале. Роберт Де Ниро с отцом, 1946 год. Айртон Сенна моет свою Honda NSX, 1990-е....

История в фотографиях (36)


Футуристический автобус Viberti Monotral Golden Dolphin итальянской компании Viberti, построенный в единственном экземпляре, мог развивать скорость до 200 км-ч. Олимпийская сборная СССР, 1976 год. Дже...

История в фотографиях (35)


В подборке мы Вам покажем фото хроники авиакатастрофы в 1968 г. — во Владимирской области в которой погиб первый космонавт планеты - Юрий Гагарин, Эрнест Хемингуэй с голубями на Площади Сан-Марко. Вен...

Картины каляки-маляки, которые продаются за бешеные деньги


Приветствую Вас, дорогой читатель! Вы когда-нибудь задавались вопросом: зачем уметь хорошо рисовать, если в наше время за огромные деньги продаются каляки-маляки (если уж простым языком говорить)? Лич...