Get This Money

Come on, all my ladies, let's get this money

Come on, all my fellas, let's get this money

It's only for all of us to get this money

Ain't no need for player haters acting funny

Come on, all my ladies, let's get this money

Come on, all my fellas, let's get this money

Trina finna show you how to get this money, right

[Verse 1]

You gotta have a J-O-B to be with me

Best believe I'm going diamond on my next LP

I stacked my game up, sexed my frame up

Bitches using my style, I'm set to change up

Unh, new year, new gray Jag

After the first album, you should hear Shay brag

I been around the world playing 2-way tag

While these wannabe Trinas out here claim bad

But guess what, I'm still the baddest

Jewels still flooded with 24 karats

OK, you know I live lavish

Chanel glass slippers in a Cinderella palace


[Verse 2]

Unh, unh, See me on South Beach rolling the five

When I come through hoes rolling they eyes

I'm the- baddest bitch, so I'm used to that

Draped in the hot shit off the Gucci rack

I like Tiffany ice, that expensive stuff

The diamond princess draped in princess cuts

Don't be mad hoe, cause I'm that bad hoe

Pushing that pink Lamborghini Diablo

I play niggas like dummies for the fast money

You wanna holla, it's gon' cost you cash money

Slip and slide, then we stacking chips

The redbone, wonder woman with the platinum wrist


[Verse 3]


Miami hot, 'Candy' flopped

I'm the new bad girl and I can't be stopped

Unh, sipping Bailey's, flossing daily

On TRL with Carson Daly

Dressed to chill, icy, extra chill

Touch of class, bad with the sex appeal

Flawless baby, female ballers baby

Stay diggin' in them millionaires wallets baby

Tored up, Christian Dior'd up

Cases of that Cris, gettin poured up

Got it sewed up, like stitches

Reppin' for my bad bitches, stackin' riches

I shine, baby cause the game is mine

I'm on top of the charts, no room to climb

And when I say I'm the baddest, I'm mean it

Me and this cash, can't nothing come between this

[Chorus] - repeat 2X