Shit Iz Real
Yeah yeah, hah

Where all my niggaz at?

We up in here, what?

Word up, all my peoples

Crim-criminals in the penile

Where ya at? Cats sacking green

BillHill Clinton


It be real when I pack a steel

Everyman for himdelf,send my love to a battlefield

Aint no wack,its a straight up fact

Or dip down in black once you hear the clap clap

Verse One:

Shit iz real, ain't no time to cash no butterflies

Pass the St. Ide's

Screwface is my disguise so look me in my eyes that aint wise

The first chump that jumps is the first chump that dies

Raw, spell that backward that's war

Lay low scarecrow I'm knockin at your front door

Pointin a pistol to your peekhole, pussy

Warning: my trigga finga gets busy

Blaow, a single shot straight to the headpiece

Decrease the peace and watch the murders increase

See I'm ruthless, pistol whip a nigga toothless

Me gettin hit that shit is ludicrous

I'm on my P's and my Q's

Try to put your foot in my shoes kid, you gotta pay the fuckin dues

I ain't the one to play Pammy

I leave the head all red like that little orphan Annie

I'm dressed in black like Streets of Harlem

Paddle punk's pockets down with no problem

And get away just like an Unsolved Mystery

You don't believe me G, check my pedigree

And you can feel how I deal with the muthafuckin steel

Ain't no game boy, it's real

Chorus 2X

Verse Two:

Shit iz real, I'm in some real shit

Niggaz wet up the lab, Ma Dukes got hit

Now they knew I was trying to give em what I owe em

But now I gotta act like I don't know em

The muthafuckers violated to the fullest degree

They did it smart, now they gotta see me