Law and Order
No more law & order, that word says it all. It's Just one human being

denying another of self rule. The police ain't authority for all they do Is

serve the state, they do their dirty work to make the people learn, they

Interrigate, discriminate, smash demos and assault, they sort out all queers

and keep the wogs locked ina vault and they're here for protection but

protection for who? They all wear that same badge that says FUCK YOU ALL

Oh yeah, they're here to maintain rights, they're here to keep the peace.

They've also got a right to lock up and not release any form of rebel.They'll

even work against their own, because they bribe them very well and they may

also get a home. Protect their privelage no matter what the cost, now you're

piggy in the middle and they couldn't give a toss. They shit back and laugh

yes they laugh at you too, because they also wear a badge that says we use

you!, It's Just the same old story of a state gone wrong, where possessions

matter and people don't be surprised that we've turned against you because if

you take their side, it's FUCK YOU TOO