Souls And Flesh

Follow me to the garden
Follow me and change your life
If you've cold and lonely lives that drag along
All the faces that you've known and the places that you've gone in this world
there is only one to who you belong
Don't ever let Love pass you by let them know

Do your feeling ever grow masked and dazed
they overload people wasting with such disconnected minds
In the dark they search for light no it's not the place that's right
What they've looking for few seldom ever find
Don't ever let Love pass you by take control

Just once in you life a Love like this will be known
It will never feel more right when together nothing's wrong
Time just slips away and is lowing when they're gone
Numb and shallow are the weak
You've got to know when your heart speaks
When the mind is quiet hear it sing it's song
Listen to your heart and hear what it says

Once in your life a love like this will be known
Feeling so strong you can't resist
Let yourself go

Wicked are lives when they're cast away they'll never know
A magic so electric like a raging dynamo
Up in the air into the sky their spirits float
A purifying passion wil unfold

Mating souls can't compromise such possessions are most prized
Find the silence deep within each others' eyes
Guided hands by loving ghosts they're the ones who know the most
The gift of destiny so graciousy bestowed

Once in your life a love like this will be known this of all things you must cherish
Joinings souls
Souls and Flesh