Escape To Nowhere
Standing on a dark horizon

I can feel the flames inside

Like the dawn it's drawing near

I can feel it drawing near

It's drawing near -

I hear the call of winds of war

How it rushes by

Like the words in songs of wisdom

Don't you know that I feel the pain

I feel the pain

I feel the pain

And as I stand on stage tonight

And try to see beyond these lights

If I ventured, If I dared

Would I find anybody there

For all my gods have gone insane

They see no evil, feel no pain

And all the hurts I have inside

Are beyond their foolish pride

I never followed never led

And when they cut, I never bled

I never gambled, never lost

But only now I feel the cost

Of blaming ghosts to watch

Into reflections of myself

Or am I doomed to walk these graves

Or can the future still be saved

We're all alone

We're all alone

We're all alone