Letters Dont Count
Ever since the last time I saw you,

you tried to qualify my life

You never knew the way I live

And I'm sorry I was never for changing

the things I couldn't change anyhow

And I'm sorry I'm not a different sign

And I don't believe in hiding the people

and the things in my past

And I know you don't want to hear me say

I wish that we were together again

We just couldn't make it work on paper

I'll never know why but you never knew me

except for my name

Maybe you think that I have changed

but nothing can change my mind

Those changes of your own that you held so dear,

to me were just a waste of time

Making believe we know it all without enough of

an understanding going on

All of the words won't change your mind

'Cause they're lost when you put the

letter back in the drawer

If I stood before you now,

you couldn't put me away anymore

Letters don't count

Letters don't, letters don't count

Letters, letters don't, letters don't count