Noreaga Iraq See The World
Featuring Castro, Musulini, Mendosa, And Troy Outlaw]


Chorus: It's long and mad track

keep the loot in Iraq,

Iraq, see the world, the world, see Iraq

binoculars, ours is out, son, they watching us

jake hit the strip, now police try locking us


[Castro?] It's CREAM on my land

original man, cross water

my team break border and court order

ESP network, TNT explosive expert

your head jerk, back flip, illegal life shit

bad guys in black ??, left the scene rowdy

air cloudy, a bunch of smoke flow astoundly

new assembly, new identity, remember me

keep remedy for the poison of my enemies

maw and remy, Jack D the allizy, yo the motif

don p, personal henny, have me hurt many

actions, coke infractions, imanuel and fidel

our money well, help the crack sale

stack bail, then we map trail

get it all back, smoke the black, hold the gat

[Musolini?] The streets got me thinking 'bout my man's passing

stashing, the ?? with a passion

got to make it happen, the block steaming

and 12 k the cops scheming

secruity be on my back for wrong reasons

i'm living what i'm saying on the block all day

before i weren't sure, now I know it's the way

like if I get caught, I'ma pay

illegal life, livin' trife what can I say

getting bent, million dollar dream

hennesey and maui, while i'm chilling with my man

on the wood set

Front, I strike accurate, you get wet

whatever choice you select, handle appropriate

baby nine murder my crime, you a fake

Lefraktion, just wait

i need half out of that cake of regulate

taking while you scheming, comtemplate

only results in a 360 action

but if it come back then I'm pumping double-action

blasting, tearing nigga's physicals in

try to contend, you gets no days, with no wins

my clientle excel, it's like the double-fell

drawn into the streets young

so now I know it well


[Mendosa?] Yo son I'm packing steel where ya hard hat?

you pull out, ya bust that, your gat useless

where ya heart at?

it fingers the trigger, change your lay with fake nigga

beef with every nigga, watch your back

of course you get clapped, you didn't bust gat

splendid nigga, dirty rap

for my (i)raq attack, bust you with mega gat

once a cool cat, smoking dagger, put it in my back

why you did it like that?

now my skin bubble fat

go to sleep I wake you up

[Noreaga] What What! What What!

[Mendosa] In your krib tie you up

[Noreaga] What What! What What!

[Mendosa] Hot oil on ya gut

[Noreaga] Get bucked! Get bucked!

[Mendosa] Iraq element don't give a fuck


[Troy Outlaw] We on a mission, not a small-time thing

I'm addicted to this cash, like crack-addicted fiend to the crack

but I ain't in to doing no drugs

I'm just pushing hits, and stacking chips

like I'm stacking bricks for a building

cuz we be building this empire fortress

secure tight like barb wire

for inflitrators, regulators, try to manipulate

booby traps got you hooked like fish to bait

watch you deflate, like air balloons

try and ambush this platoon

you run into a monsoon

like stormy weather, give a ???

cuz we bust bullets thinking much more clever

eating through your gear like acid rain

feeling pain, living like a snake in the grass

you won't gain, simple and plain,

my team play the game so we can win

we want it all, so we can breath like the wind

[Noreaga] busting .360, cherry red 850

he blitz devilish, get cursed fucking with me

eyebrows thick, resemble (Some arabian guy)

arabian mind, with source for firearm

ceasar, waves bangin, brown wallabies

empty cigars, stay smoked in cool cars

queens escobar where jewels like scars

you heavy gold, Slick Rick changed it

yo, the main vic, plotting on you since '86

now it's 9-6, you lay low, you mad rich

strictly big shit, big play, heavyweight

bodycloth, hear a verse, put it in park

let the dubs spark, now we ride, my weed dark

dig deeper, black guns and black repher

my brothers keeper, throw on the world in a sleeper

the grim reaper, so much work he got a beeper

the word def, stamp that, it's on your chest

yo you bullshit, my click thick, kid we pull shit

grip tight, illegal life aerolight

thug blood, the same blood, thicker than water

slaughter, play this shit in tape recorder

from iraq to yugoslavia, somalia

capadre, diamonte, pope', world war 3

CNN history, by the powers of God,

that is invested in me, since '93

locked up, I did three, got 85 of yall

worshiping me, back in L.C., hop in cab 33