Ive Got To Have You
You came smilin' softly, shyly movin'

Easy as a dreamer into my room.

And before I realized the danger

I found myself looking into your eyes.

Somewhere in their colours I saw promises

Of things I'd never seen before

It's all over...I've got to have you.

Holding onto, talking, saying nothing.

Knowing in a moment I could lose you.

Then without a warning I remembered that

You trembled at the touch of my hand.

Knowing when you came to me that no one else

Would ever feel the same in my arms

It's all over...I've got to have you.

Wakin' in the morning to the tenderness

Of holding you asleep in my arms.

Dreaming while my hair was blowing

Softer than a whisper on my cheek.

I don't know the feeling so I don't know if it's love

But it's enough...It's enough

I can't help it...I've got to have you.

It's all over...I've got to have you