TV Talking Song
One time in London I gone out for a walk

Past the place called Hyde Park where people talk

About all kinds of different gods they have their point of view

To anyone passing by and it's who they're talking to.

There was someone on the platform talking to the folks

About the TV god and all the pain that it invokes

It's too bright a light he said for anybody's eyes

If you've never seen one it's bleesing in disguise.

I moved in closer got up on my toes

Two men in front of me were coming to blows

A man was saying something about children when they're young

Being sacrificed that's why lullabies are being sung.

The news of the day is on all the time

All the latest gossip all the latest rhyme

You mind is you temple keep it beautiful and free

Don't let an egg get laid in there by something you can't see.

Pray for people he said you could feel it in the crowd

My thoughts began to wander but his voice was ringing loud

It will destroy you family your happy home is gone

No one can protect you from it once you turn it on.

It will lead you in to some strange pursuits

Lead you to the land of forbidden fruits

Scramble up your head and drag your brain about

Sometimes you got to do like Elvis did and shoot the damn thing out.

It's all been designed he said to make you loose your mind

And when you go back to find it there's nothing there to find

Every time you look at it your situations worse

If you feel it grabbing out for you send for the nurse.

The crowd began to riot and they grabbed hold of the man

There was pushing there was showing and everybody ran

The TV crew was there to film it they jumped right over me

Later on that evening I watched it on TV.