First Degree
(feat. The Franchise)

[Da Franchise]

Uh, {chuckles}

Ey yo Chris Man, what you think these niggaz was thinking man?

Fuck y'all niggaz thinking, man? Ain't no Violators except us man

Why these niggaz trying to Violate shit without us man huh?

I told these niggaz man a piece of the pie come in the game

We want in man, Franchise want in

[Verse 1]

I love niggaz who talk drama till the gun is stuck in they face

Screaming for they mama,

left with three in the dome three in the chest and waist

Don't let this young nigga decieve you,

if you want beef then tell me where to meet you

I'll bring so much heat, one side of the earth will melt, then step off

Bitty boppin, chain rockin, notch in my belt,

my niggas rock raw and stick barrel style

Niggas mouth till they catch lock jaw,

I got plans to spend a million and more

Before I hit a million and four, before death,

pull a gun on me squeeze one in me

I'm trying to make sure, niggaz want none of me

You just don't know what these streets have done to me, what's become of me

I was raised in a world so cold it's numbened me, I'm so dirty I'm filthy

I done scared so many niggaz, It's gonna take a scared nigga to kill me

If it's murda, drugs, guns or related to thugz I'm guilty

[Chorus- Ja Rule][ x 2]

It's murda, we gon leave you in, nigga

Franchise gonna fill you wit lead, nigga

No more crying over spilled blood

Throw yo gunz if you a real thug


[Verse 2]

Yo, you see y'all sometime niggaz, boy, you gon speak to the four

Cause you'se a sometime thug, sometime seeking the law

I'ma seek to you it you breathe no more, when we crash the door