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We arise from the ashes below
To battle and crush the holy war
Well spread our seeds to change history
A genocide delivered on your doorstep
They will perish in the everlasting flames
And we de...

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They'll take your life away
They will push 'til you go insane
Raped, they steal your every heartbeat
Until you fall down dead
They monitor every step you take
And watching all your thoughts

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I don't care what you need
I only do it to please me
There's no one who sees it from my point of view
You're pulling me left to right
I had it up to here, it's making me sick to see you alive

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Craving For Another Killing

You've got the will to kill 'cause you don't give a fuck
They're gonna lock you up and throw away the key
You've been paying with your life
nothing's gonna stop you now
You're fuelled by the hat...

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Let The Knife Do The Talking

Are you too blinded to see me
I think I know what you need
I'll crucify you for your disbeliefs
Buried lies that you kept I'll pull it out of your flesh
And you will never sin again

I am god...

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A Thousand Lies

Come closer, I've got what you need
I'll crawl into your veins, satisfaction guaranteed

A thousand smiles, a thousand lies
I'll break you down, you need my cure to stay alive
A thousand deaths,...

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Incised Before I've Ceased

I'm wide awake but I don't fell alive
Drain my blood and wait for me to die
Cut me open, knives slashing my flesh
Black empty eyes that drills holes in my spine
They remove my organs, limb by li...

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Let me take you to a quiet place
Where I can drain you in peace
I will teach you a new meaning of fear
It sets me free to hear you scream
I will spray you full with my holy seed
I'm gonna bapti...

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Compulsive Psychosis

I am still on the loose, with vengeance of hate
Thirsty for your blood
They have examined my brain but I'm still insane
Nothing can cure my hunger for your flesh

I see your face
You're getti...

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Living To Die

It burns my skin, it wants to keep me alive
I am the great messiah of the fallen paradise
Destroyed by my own creations, I cannot cope with my life
The truth you think you know so well – it's jus...

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Born Dead, Buried Alive

In the dimension beyond the twilight
A soul is waiting to be reborn
After a lifetime of repenting sin
A new life is about to begin

Something went wrong that fateful night
The cosmos went ber...

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Here it comes to subject the terror you forgot
No memories from the past
The unexplainable starts to appear
As your sub-consciousness begins to come back again

Reality fades away
You try to ...

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I'm standing in the circle of humans
What have we become?
I see the circles clean
I am unable to flee

I slowly arised in the sky
This is the way it feels to die
I have to search, the rest w...

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Slave To The Parasites

A fate, was there anything else?
Or maybe I'm dead, both trapped in a cage?
Alone in my body now a shell deserted

Or is this the end of my age?
Drowning into the bitter end
Is the thing's I ...

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New World

Can't you see them coming?
Cannot see the sense of me
All of them decide
Deciding our ups, downs, and misery

Addicted to fleshly skin
Enough for me to swallow and take in
Two worlds collide

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The Abyss

Born dead in flames
For my beliefs
They will take me to hell
One step closer to death
I release my anger to be free

Feel alone again

I feel no guilt for the lost ones
I stab, I stab aga...

175 песни

Dead By Dawning

I woke up screaming from a nightmare
That seemed so real
A horrified vision of the skyline
Covered up in steel
I stumble outside, everything around me had changed
I could not believe my eyes

175 песни

The Departure

I came back to life
And you're tied to the floor
In the corner of my eyes
I saw them coming through the door

All is black
All is white
I open my eyes and faced the unborn night

I stare...

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War Within

When you were born, that's when I died, it took too long to realize
I am white, your black, I'm slowly turning to gray
Like a disease you break me down and cry
You're the king, I'm the fool


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Don't Judge Me

I never cared what you said
It never mattered to me anyway
I'll rip your head off and watch you bleed
Tell it to my face. You lose. I win!

Don't speak. Don't talk to me
Why can't y...

175 песни

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Для каждой матери ее дети, а особенно сыновья, – надежда и опора. Поэтому многие женщины критически воспринимают избранницу и претендентку на роль супруги сына, не желая отдавать родного человека в не...

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В России и мире набирают популярность вегетарианская и веганская формы питания. Приверженцы здорового образа жизни уверены, что и без мяса можно получать необходимые организму вещества. Такой точки зр...

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Звезды шоу-бизнеса нередко могут похвастаться высокими доходами. Но все же разница между бюджетами знаменитостей часто является весьма существенной. Журналисты ведущего делового журнала в мире Forbes ...

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Как бы ни была важна работа съёмочной группы и качество актёрской игры, есть то, что порой привлекает зрителей гораздо сильнее. И это, безусловно, самые сексуальные актрисы, за которых режиссёры готов...