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Face Of God

I'm drained but aching for more
And the devil inside is reading
The words of the saddest poem
To be engraved on the stone of my grave

I'd kill to share your pain
(And carry the shame)

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Wings Of A Butterfly

Heaven ablaze in our eyes
We're standing still in time
The blood on our hands is the wine
We offer as sacrifice

Come on, and show them your love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly...

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Killing Loneliness

Memories, sharp as daggers
Pierce into the flesh of today
Suicide of love took away all that matters
And buried the remains in an unmarked grave in your heart

With the venomous kiss you gave...

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Behind The Crimson Door

Covered the carcass of time with flowers
To send the scent of blame to the grave
Set the darkest thoughts on fire
And watched the ashes climb to Heaven's gates

We hide behind the crimson doo...

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Dark Light

Shivers run through the spine
Of hope as she cries
the poison tears of a life denied
In the raven black night
Holding hands with

Dark light
Come shine in her lost heart tonight
And bli...

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Under The Rose

I dream of the winter in my heart turning to spring
While the ice gives way under my feet
And so I drown with the sun

I've been burning in water and drowning in flame
To prove you wrong and ...

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Vampire Heart

You can't escape the wrath of my heart
Beating to your funeral song (You're so alone)
All faith is lost for hell regained
And love dust in the hands of shame (Just be brave)

Let me bleed you...

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Play Dead

A moth into a butterfly
And a lie
Into the sweetest truth
I'm so afraid of life

I try
To call your name but I'm
Silenced by the fear of dying in your heart once again

I see the seaso...

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Drunk On Shadows

Hiding underneath
The veil of broken dreams
We find her weeping

On her once white wings
She will be carrying the weight of our deeds
And she bleeds for love
Forever gone

Drunk on sha...

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In The Night-Side Of Eden

Divided we stand in the light of a frozen sun
Cursing the gods we have become

We steal the fire from a sacred heart
And bleed the wine unholy
We fall in love with the serpent's song
And fe...

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Venus (In Our Blood)

Her Heaven's a lie to those who threw away the key
Her God is alive and well when the higher believes
And you can't bend the river of her dreams
Or understand the divine words she speaks


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The Cage

For years I've seen you fighting
Against your heart
Living like you're dying
So far from the sun

Waiting for a guardian angel
To lead you through the dangers
That lie ahead on your way

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Buried Alive by Love

I carry the burden that pulls your
Wrist upon my shoulders
And this weight seems so unbearable
Your tomb is where your heart is,
I should have told her
Everything made it seem so terrible

To c...

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Circle of Fear

Heartache's knocking on the door
Shadows dance outside her window
Tears keep falling on the floor
As the world around her crumbles

If you wanna save her
Then first you'll have to save yourself

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Soul on Fire

There's a flame that leads our souls astray
No one's safe from it's tender touch of pain
And every day it's looking for new slaves
To celebrate the beauty of the grave

We are like the living dea...

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Sweet Pandemonium

Today tomorrow seems so far away
In the waiting lane, yeah
So safe, in the blinding light of love unchained
In yesterday's grave, yeah

The truth I can sense so sweet
Is buried within sweet pand...

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Love's Requiem

Confusion writhes around our hearts impatiently
It drains the faith that lights the dark and sets us free
From the chains of our war and the pain we once called love

The poison of doubt enslaves ...

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Endless Dark

Softly the light shines in through
Gates of grace on me and you
Deceiving our restless hearts
A flickering flame so serene
It fires the night so we could see
Feeling alone so strong

And I know...

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The Funeral of Hearts

Love's the funeral of hearts
And an ode for cruelty
When angels cry blood
On flowers of evil in bloom

The funeral of hearts
And a plea for mercy
When love is a gun
Separating me from you


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Fortress of Tears

No one can hurt you now in this haven safe and sound
No one can save you now from this grace you are drowning in
Just hold your breath on your way down

This fortress of tears
I've built from my ...

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