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Cold winters, late dinners, and black Sprinters
After-show afterparty, orange juice and Bacardi
I'm old enough, I made enough to move to Abu Dhabi
And who could stop me? (Yeah)
Old friends, they c...

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A Change Is Gonna Come

I was born by the river in a little tent
Oh, and just like the river I've been running ever since

It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna' come, oh yes it will

It's been...

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Against Me

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, uh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah (Da da, da da)
Oh yeah, uh
I should've listened to my intuition
I put myself in this position
It's all my fault, look in the mirror
Think, ...

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As I Am

Ah, ooh
Ah, ooh
Ah, ah, ah, ooh
It's like the morning time
Don't wanna wake up, I
Just wanna stay in bed
But if I'm next to you
I'm lookin' forward to
Just layin' in this bed
Ooh, that never ...

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Be The One

I know you need somebody
To make you feel like the one
And in my heart
I know that I'm the only one
To give you what you need
Cuz there ain't no one
That does it like me

And we both know you ...

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Be on My Way

If I'm giving you the cold shoulder
That's closure, needed someone to hold
But we both had our own motives
Never told him that mine was to stay alone
And you don't belong to me
So you don't have ...

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Can't Help Me

Sorry that I've been livin' in my head
Holdin' onto words I ain't said yet
I'm bitter, sorry, I just can't see
You with someone that isn't me
You should know I've been tryna find my peace
I know ...

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Carried Away

Stare out the window
Oh, why am I so
Jaded and waiting for some kinda miracle? Yeah
Love doesn't live here
And I've cried enough tears
Sorry if I can't imagine that you care, oh
I never ...

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Come Through

Almost missed my flight today
I look good even though I feel shitty
I just got back out this way
You already got plans for the city
Call ’em off, could you call ’em off for me?
You’re always goin...

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If you got it, it ain’t no question
Oh it ain’t no room for guessing
To more than emotionally invested
Showin’ you all my imperfections, oh

If I let you, you’ll take me for granted, yeah
If I’m...

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Do to Me

What did you do to me
Way past infatuation
This connection that we make, make
And babe
Keeping me up till late
It’s only ’cause I can’t wait till
Till you come to my place, place

You sa...

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Сome mess with a real one
Your one in a million
Dont let alot of people in
But you get addmission
And I dont let my walls down
But I see us building
You aint a feeling
Cause thats how I'm feeli...

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Feel a Way

I'm up, late night, my phone so dry
No goodnight, I'm tight 'cause I'm paranoid
I can't sleep, you're still mad at me
It's not that deep, we been here before
Oh, I hate when you do that shit (Oh)

26 песни

Five Minutes

All I need is five minutes
If you can see the signs
All I need is five minutes
If you read between the lines
One for the eyes and
One for the voices
One for the touch, one for the soft grin


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Me Can you focus on me? Baby, can you focus on me? Baby Hands in the soap Have the faucet's running And I keep looking at you Stuck on your phone And you're stuck in your zone You don't ever cook But ...

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Yeah, yeah
Wish I could be where you are
I know the distance is far
I've been running, running through your mind
Promise that I'm on a flight, going to you right now
I don't have much time with y...

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Hard Place

Mmm, mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm, mmm, eh
Wanna believe what you say
But I hate you on most days
You've been testing my faith and my patience, yeah
And you know that I be head strong
But you know that you b...

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I want now live with her
she is the one
spend my life with her
till the night come
I want now live with her
she's got it all
spend my life with her
till the bell to

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I'm Not OK

Sick to my stomach
Four in the morning, I can't sleep
In and out the city
I'm worried 'bout where you may be
Feels like I've been here
Stressing the things that I can see
Where do you go? What d...

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My ambition is attractive
My aggression isn't passive
I promise with you
The butterflies in my stomach are active
They're dancin', I'm feelin' static
Wanna get closer like magnets
Your company, ...

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