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A Tribute A Tribute

was it all lies?

was it the truth?

was it something i did?

or maybe it was you

i sing from the heart,

without you here,

im in hell


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adriana you never saw it coming

no time to think, much less react to the knife in your back

go burn a hole in the world , start walking

i'll be the one when i'm done doubl...

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All Of The Above

This is the tank that the taskmaster made

This is the alligator Florida everglades

This is the mess of material excess

Stood up and strong like a full court like press

And ...

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this is not right, the shallow sight of the dutiful

i love them all cuz they're so ugly and beautiful

immutable and given to fits, you avarice is cavernous

it's clear for me to se...

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An empty void in space

Against the human race

You decided to alienate my mind

You tried to make me believe what you do

Darkness is my mind

Whenever the thought ...

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Do What You Feel Like

everyone is new and exciting

everything is a breath of fresh air

the closest one to me ain't living at all

i never figured that we'd ever devolve

true enough, you're happy ...

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Get In

i know i said it, i don't regret it

i'd go again if i could, i said

"i wish that you would give me some credit"

it's not original to be hard

it's never easy to believe the ...

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Hate is my mind!

Hate is my feelings .. FOR YOU!

Hate is my soul!


There's a very strong feeling

It crawls within

It makes my blood ...

17 песни

Help Me

I'm confused, or am i?

so i need to let go?

or keep it in perspective?

can it be worked out?

or will it be ended?

who will be hurt more? you or me?

is i...

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Hoodies And Hoods

words leave me dry,

like swords leave my dying

i thought i knew you

i thought i knew you

so the sewer and the sky make the same sound

so i wonder where the w...

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I Am For Real

just like a bolt of chewing gum come from out of the blue

you said you wouldn't come outside until the bum had passed through

i try to be a better man i try to stay in shape

i try...

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I Think Its

i think its cold, what you did to me

i think its hot, how mad i really got

i think its trust, or am i really sure?

i think its wrong, the games you played


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Inside Joke

why don't you help me fill in the empty spaces

cuz hope is full of holes and you know we've got to replace this

but i know you disguise your sadness and your surprise

and a heart ...

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pour it in a can,

throw it on a fire,

watch that shit explode,

the flames are getting higher

light it with a match,

back up bitc...

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Open Season

would you expect any less from the people at the top?

taking lives in their hands, stringing all the losers up.

for the beats, beats that go with losing any war,

while the winners...

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my head hurts, it always hurts when

i'm crowded like a brainless little piggy in an abetoire

but can you really blame them for thinking

armageddon's swiftly making plans to crash ...

17 песни

Swing Harder

lashing out

at frustration


swing harder, swing harder, swing harder

is that the best you can do?

i'm still standing here on my feet

god w...

17 песни

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Эти знаменитости часто скромно говорят о своей гражданской позиции, ограничиваясь сухой формулировкой «животных – люблю». Однако их чувства к братьям нашим меньшим – не обязанность, требуемая для имид...

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Голливудская улыбка считается эталоном. Однако знаменитости не всегда готовы идти на жертвы ради красоты и затягивают поход к стоматологу. Звезды без зубов и их способы сохранить презентабельный вид....

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