Aint No Stopping Us Now
Here we go, here we go on the smooth side

Let's take a ride in stride and I'm the guide

with the source, and of course - I don't wanna be the king or boss

I just wanna get my point across

Cause it's time to organize and open your eyes

Realize, we on the rise

to the climax, time to take charge

Whoever said we can't live large?

To seek out fortune without distortion

and stop livin for just a small portion

There is a move to make, we gotta take a chance to break

all chains become awake

Cause this is the new way, to be proud and brave

and I ain't goin out like a slave

In eighty-nine, I'm livin like a champ

Step out my face, talkin bout a food stamp

Child please, put it at ease

Freeze, it's time to get paid in times like these

We can't take shorts or take a loss

So take it from the Kane and go for yours, because

* Chorus *


There, comes a time, where we can't be in the rear

We gotta step up front, to get our share

Make the change, cause we're not inferior

For example, there was a black Ms. America

Let's start to do for ourself

We can't depend on no one else or the board of health

So hold your own or else you're gonna find

that if you play off of crime you go out like Aunt Jemimah

We gotta put it in overdrive and strive to survive

to stay alive, that's the reason I've

came to, motivate us to the length

Effort of strength makes you grow inch by inch

Takin no mediums or small at all

We gotta walk not crawl or else take a fall

What used to be just hopes and thoughts

are now in effect, and we can't take shorts, because

* Chorus *

Swing on that right there, pump it up, here we go

Uh-huh, uh-huh, pump it up, here we go

One more thing

Let's unite together, we can't sever never

no matter what or what-ever

Because we need unity to find justice

Just I See Equality so bust this

Take a stand and command to demand what's grand

I know we can if we just understand

the true way of livin that was really meant for us

So one more time, kick the chorus!

* Chorus 2X *

Ah keep it goin y'all

A Prince Paul, rulin em all y'all

A Prince Paul, schoolin em all y'all

And Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony

And Tony Tone never leavin the girls alone

Tony Tone never leavin the girls alone

And you don't stop, and you don't stop

And you don't stop, and you don't stop