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I see the world through the bent
Plastic of my helmet each day
That explains why I see everything
In such a warped way
Oh say can you fly?
By the dawn's early light
Or the cold moonshine?

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Out The Window

Going into transition
Upheaval by the ton is going on
Part of life's composition
I'm scared, I'm psyched
I'm bound for abandon
Turn the corners of life
Dive headfirst just to find
Reasonable ...

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They're gonna win most popular forever
Vote or award does it even matter?
The politician or actress
Such a mess
Who is who?
Cause I can't tell the difference
So what's the poor boy to do?

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We're all in this fight together
So small are the minds
That try to keep us far apart
Still individuals
Divided we shall fall
Not out to destroy uniqueness
Of race or religion
Or your own com...

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Force Quit

You'll get over it
That's bullshit
Seen it for myself
It wears you down and won't quit
Forging straight ahead
Stopped dead
Like a deer caught in the headlights
Enough said
Shift command

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Sometimes the conflict's enough to break us
Make us all throw the towel in
But at the end of the day it empowers
And shows the strength within
Low in this labor of love lurks heartache
Despite ...

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Twelve years ago in 2023
Overpopulation, Warring nations
Devastation brought upon ourselves
Total human extinction-Infectious cloud of doom
Nullification of creation
This is no hall...

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This I Know

All that I can say is, "Just find a way to
Grasp the rungs and climb on board"
The train is pulling out and
There is no doubt that
Waiting you cannot afford
This I know
That yesterday the futu...

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Momentary Clarity

He's fooled himself for now
Momentary clarity clown
I'm the one
Who went and
Got his life on track
Chosen one
Time to kick back
And take it easy
One step up, two back down
Momentary clarity...

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California Song

The sunshine has a special glow
In California
One you have to see to truly know
In California
There's transplant from across the fruited plain
Soul searchers, They alone know their way

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Stop And Go

Well I've been up, I've been down
Treading water I'm now found
Keeping my head just above
The antithesis of love
Yes, I've been lost now I find
It's a struggle to be kind
We would without what...

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Bad Vibrations

They're everywhere
Do beware
Your dreamlike state
Soon crumbles
Into nightmare
To Bad Vibrations
You've got to tune in
And keep a safe distance
Or fall in
The signs are there to see but

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Ground Zero N.Y.C.

Bones on the ground, all around, our ideas, our every sound
Wiped away in a heartbeat
Desolate Earth, draped in dearth, only memories of mirth
Devastation so complete
If someone nukes Manhattan

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Align The Planets

May 5, 2000
Who will be playing the fool?
No matter what happens
We have no choice but to
Charge right on through
Align the planets, ready senses
For a gravitational disturbance
They it's uns...

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Bitter (Suite #1)

Cause you've been drifting down that wrongful road again
Your favorite vice has got you hanging on its whim
But just look on the downside
Got no place left to go but up
Exposed from negative, fe...

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We get home and the remote is our best friend
The mind turns off, active thought meeting its end
The have no lives of our own, ficticious roles overgrown
Can't break the hold of the teledrama hoa...

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Pay The Price

Falsified, now laid out on a table
You told your lie and now you pay the price
Greed and lust are motivators
Never trust annihilators
Testified, and now you're six feet under
Your family, your ...

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Hail To The Thief

I'm not gonna follow
Walk to the beat of your drum
May not be brilliant but I'm not exactly dumb
Not a hurry to align myself with the damned
I won't get buried in their red tape ridden plans

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Shove It

What great days lie just ahead
Starving youth, hopes dashed in dread
Such a cherished, sacred thing
Carelessly reproducing
Shove It-When you're bitchin' and your itchin' just to blame somebody e...

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It's A Wonderful Lie

Talking to myself suffices
Better than support devices
I do fine sans such connections
Never need their false protection
Emotion locked safely away
A calm, indifferent doubting display

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Современный мир привык к классической женской красоте, но есть звезды России и Голливуда, которым даже с нестандартной внешностью удается покорять поклонников. Список самых ярких лысых артисток и их ф...

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Манекенщицы в новой форме стюардесс авиакомпании Pacific Southwest Airlines. США, 1960-е. Михаил Горбачев и Рональд Рейган с переводчиками. Николай Второй в униформе Шотландского королевского по...

Самые эпатажные образы Met Gala 2021 года


Минувшей ночью в Нью-Йорке состоялось одно из главных ежегодных событий в индустрии моды — благотворительный бал Института костюма музея Метрополитен Met Gala.

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