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Face The Day

(Brewster, Neeson, Brewster)

I don't want to face the day the day, today

Long nights leave me stranded

Black visions, danger signs

No love- I need protection

Feels like I'm on a produ...

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Gimme Some Lovin'

(Winwood, Davis, Winwood)

Well the temperature's rising, I've seen it before

Crazy people rockin' like they wanted some more

Let me in baby, I don't know what you've got

But you better t...

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Is Anybody There

(Williams, Russell)

Walking through the darkness

A lonely man searchin' for a soul

Look everywhere, no one around

Something in the distance

A memory reminds me of a time

Look every...

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Run Away

(Williams, Niven)

Surrounded by a thousand eyes

the stangers in the night

A city full of broken hearts

burning like white light

The streets are made of promises

you never get to ke...

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Shot In The Dark

(Kendall, Niven)

I have learned the golden words

"You watch your step"

That life is made for fools

and the devil takes the rest

I know my heart is like a fire-

It burns alone

I ...

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Waiting For Love

(Williams, Kendall, Niven)

Every day I wake to find

Empty arms, shuttered blinds

No one holding to my side

Laying in my lonely bed

Confused about the things we said

Nothing straigh...

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What Do You Do

(Lardie, Kendall, Russell, Niven, Thompson)

I can't get close enough to you babe

I need to squeeze it up so tight

I can't get close enough to you babe

I need your lovin' every night


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All Right

(Lardie, Niven)

Grew up on promises

Tomorrow will be all right

Held on to my defenses

In fear of the night

Covered my worried head

As she turned out the light

And just as tomorr...

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(Kendall, Lardie, Niven, Russell)

Tell me which way the wind blows

And of the song it sings

Tell me where did the time go n'

For who the bells ring

Baby, days are so empty now

No p...

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(Kendall, Lardie, Niven, Russell)

Lately I've been tryin'

To have a word or two

Waitin' for a moment

To get to you

As I've been restrainin'

What I need to say

Silence gets misun...

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Gone With The Wind

(Lardie, Niven)

My heart is empty

Like cold open ground

Where ghosts & memories

Follow you round

Replacing old friends

No more to be found

All gone their ways

With the new st...

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If I Ever Saw A Good Thing

(Tony Joe White)

If I ever saw a good thing

Baby it's you

If I ever had a sweet dream

Baby it's you

There ain't nothing else I want to do

But spend my time lovin' you

If I ever ...

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Livin' In The U.S.A.

(Lardie, Niven, Russell)

Well I used to work the graveyard

Used to have to paint the stones

Now I clean the farmyard

Have to lick it clean alone

I got a wife and kid

Sharin' an eco...

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Momma Don't Stop

(Cook, Lardie, Niven)

Well, I never thought I'd see you back

On my side of the railroad tracks

Just blown in from Tokyo

Hangin' out at the rock n' roll show

You're lookin' for some ki...

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Mother's Eyes

Slowly she turns away

Oh, don't look anymore

There's only stillness

No more air can he draw

No time to say goodbye

No last little kiss

No life where bullets fly

And now it comes...

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Sail Away

(Kendall, Niven)

Adrift out on an open sea

A life raft seekin' company

Sailing on a sea insane

Rolling with the waves of pain

Chance determines destiny

Tide can be the enemy


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Bad Boys

(Kendall, Russell, Holland, Black, Niven)

Young boy. A hard, gin, ride. On the loose again

"Live fast to play both sides. I'm out to win.

I'm no loser. I have nothing to lose.

My life ai...

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Hard And Cold

(Kendall, Russell)

You might notice if you look, I'm gettin' loose tonight.

Well I'm a man of action, it gives me the right

to live it to the limit, or rip it to the ground.

If you're lo...

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I Don't Need No Doctor

(Ashford, Simpson, Armstead)

I don't need no doctor, cause I know what's ailing me

I don't need no doctor, cause I know what's ailing me

All I need is my baby, you don't know why I'm in mis...

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Immigrant Song

(Page, Plant)



We come from the land of the ice and snow,

From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

Hammer of the Gods

Will drive our ships t...

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Сегодня мы Вам покажем шины с подсветкой, разработанные Goodyear в 1961 году. Очередь из 30.000 человек в первый российский Макдональдс. Особняк в Амитивилле в котором живет приведение....

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В этой подборке мы увидим обувь римского легионера, островок старой Москвы, 1970 год. Пистолет-кастет, 1890-е....