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Once Upon A Time: The Battle Of Life And Death

[in japanese]

Jinsei, Jinsei, Jinsei
Shinu, Shinu, Shinu
Sei setto Shi
umarette wa shinu
Sei setto Shi
Umarette wa shinu

Human Life, Human Life, Human Life
Die, Die...

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The Chronicles Of Life And Death

You come in cold,
You're covered in blood.
They're all so happy you've arrived.
The doctor cuts your cord.
He hands you to your mom.
She sets you free into this life.
And where do you go w...

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Walk Away (Maybe)

I made this bed
I choose to lie in it
Live with my regrets
Sleep with what I said
Could this be the end
Am I standing on the edge
Of everything I wanted now

I was afraid
I was afraid...

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Is anybody listening?
Can they hear me when I call?
I'm shooting signals in the air
'Cause I need somebody's help
I can't make it on my own
So I'm giving up myself
Is anybody listening?

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I Just Wanna Live

I need an alarm system in my house
So I know when people are
Creeping about
These people are
Freaking me out (these days)

It's getting hectic everywhere that I go
They won't leave me alo...

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Ghost Of You

I will wait until the end
When the pendulum will swing back
to the darker side of our hearts bleeding
I will save this empty space
next to me like its a grave
where I lay a place for us to s...

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Something isn't right
I can feel it again feel it again
This isn't the first time
That you left me waiting
Sad excuses and false hopes high
I saw this coming still I don't know why
I let y...

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In the dark
In the darkness you will find
Dirty little secrets we all hide
Cause' we all have a darker side
A place we keep where no one else will find

Cause' everybody wants to hide their...

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The Truth

So here we are
We are alone
There's weight on your mind
I wanna know
The truth
If this is how you feel
Say it to me
If this was ever real

I want the truth from you
Give me the trut...

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The World Is Black

Turn on channel seven at a quarter to eight
You see the same damn thing it's just a different day and
No one really knows why this is happening
But it's happening
And everywhere you go it's ju...

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All these dreams and all these plans,
I built them all with these two hands,
Everything I've realized my dreams.

The city lights shine down and they blind me sometimes,
But through it all I ...

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We Believe

There's a woman crying out tonight
Her world has changed
She asks God why
Her only son has died
And now her daughter cries
She can't sleep at night

Another day for all the sui...

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It Wasn't Enough

It wasn't enough [x3]

I will try to believe in the things I cannot see
But my faith is shaken now like it's never been before
When I call
And you don't come
I don't know what I should do

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In This World (Murder)

In this world all of our sins are simple
We choose death over innocent life
And in this world it's not our money that's evil
It's the one's who choose it over life
And in my heart I cannot bel...

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Meet My Maker

(This is the way I'll meet my maker tonight)

So this is it
This is my life
This is my time
It's ending tonight
I made my mistakes
I tried to live right
Stepped out of the darkness into...

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Moving On

When I think about my life
I wonder if I will survive to live to see in 25
Or will I just fall?
Like all my friends, they just keep dying
People 'round me always crying
In this place that I like...

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My Old Man

I don't know much about, too much of my old man
I know he walked right out the door we never saw him again
Last I heard he was at the bar doing himself in
I know I got that same disease, I guess I ...

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Riot Girl

She's got tattoos and piercings
She like minor threat, she likes social distortion
My girl's a hot girl
A hood rat who needs an attitude adjustment

Christina wouldn't wanna meet her
She hates y...

164 песни

Say Anything

Here I am on the phone again and...
Awkward silence is on the other end
I used to know the sound of a smile in your voice
But right now (right now) all I feel (all I feel)
Is the pain of the fight...

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Day That I Die

One day I woke up woke up knowing today is the day I will die
Cashdogg was barking went to the park and enjoyed that one last time
Called my mother told her I loved her and begged her not to cry

164 песни

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