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500 Miles (Away From Home)

(As recorded by Glen Campbell)

(From the album 'A Satisfied Mind')

If you miss the train I'm on

You will know that I am gone

You can hear the whistle blow a hundred...

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A Satisfied Mind

(As recorded by Glen Campbell)

(From the album 'A Satisfied Mind')

How many times have you heard someone say?

If I had his money I would do things my way

But little...

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All I Have To Do Is Dream

(Written by Don and Phil Everly)

(As recorded by Glen Campbell & Bobbie Gentry)

(From the album 'Glen Campbell & Bobbie Gentry')

Dream, dream, dream, dream

Dream, d...

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Ashes Of Time

Lost in the ashes of time

I find that old flame still burning

As I look back at the past, I know at last

I can't lose that old, old yearning

The evening shines upon...

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By The Time I Get To Phoenix


(Jimmy Webb)


By the time I get to Phoenix she'll be rising


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Country Boy (Youve Got Your Feet In L.A.)

Livin' in the city

Ain't never been my idea of gettin' it on

But the job demands that you make new plans

Before your big chance is gone.

You get a house in the hill...

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Down Home

(Written by Mac Davis)

(As recorded by Glen Campbell)

(From the movie 'Norwood')

The dogwood trees

The southern breeze

Sets my mind a'spinning

This is...

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Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)

Words and Music by Cindy Walker

Sweet dream baby

Sweet dream baby

Sweet dream baby

How long must I dream

Dream baby got me dreamin' sweet dreams the whole da...

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Dreams Of the Everyday Housewife

Peaked at # 32 in 1968

Written by Chris Gantry

She looks in the mirror and stares at the wrinkles that weren't there yesterday

And thinks of the young man that she almost married<...

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Everything A Man Could Ever Need

(Written by Mac Davis)

(As recorded by Glen Campbell)

(From the movie 'Norwood')

Looking back on the days

When I was scuffling for a buck

Not overly concerne...

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Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your sea winds blowin'

I still see her dark eyes glowin'

She was 21 when I left Galveston

Galveston, oh Galveston, I still hear your ...

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Gentle On My Mind

Words & Music by John Hartford

It's knowing that your door is always open

And your path is free to walk

That makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag

Rolled up and s...

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Honey Come Back

Honey, I know I've said it too many times before

I said I'd never say it again

I guess I shouldn't say anything at all

Since you're supposed to belong to him

But I just can...

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I Have You

Sailors have the seven seas and four strong winds that blow

drifters have the next town down the road.

Gamblers have the chance to bet the ace that's in the hole

soldiers have the...

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Its Only Make Believe

People see us everywhere

They think you really care

But myself I can't deceive

I know it's only make believe.

My one and only prayer is that some day you'll care,

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Less Of Me

Let me be a little kinder

Let me be a little blinder

To the faults of those about me

Let me praise a little more

Let me be when I am weary

Just a little bit more che...

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Let It Be Me

(As recorded by Glen & Bobbie Gentry)

(From the album 'Glen Campbell & Bobbie Gentry')

I bless the day I found you

I want to stay around you

And so I beg you


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Love Is A Lonesome River

(from the album 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix')

(as recorded by Glen Campbell)

On a street in some big city

Lives the girl I love so well

She left me for another

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Manhattan Kansas

manhattan, kansas ain't no place to have a baby

when you got no man to give it his last name

and her folks back in manhattan didn't want her or her bundle

so she took her child an...

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(Written by Mitchell Torok & Ramona Redd)

(As recorded by Glen Campbell)

(From the movie 'Norwood')


You're a strange little one


Always on ...

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