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No Son Of Mine

The key to my survival
was never in much doubt
the question was how I could keep sane
trying to find the way out
things were never easy for me
peace of mind was hard to find
and I needed a pla...

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I Can't Dance

Hot sun, beating down
Burning my feet just walking around
Hot sun, making me sweat
Gator's getting close, hasn't got me yet
I can't dance, I can't talk
Only thing about me is the way I walk

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Jesus He Knows Me

Do you see the face on the TV screen
coming at you every Sunday
see the face on the billboard
that man is me

On the cover of the magazine
there's no question why I'm smiling
you buy a piece ...

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Hold On My Heart

Hold on my heart
Just hold on to that feeling
We both know we've been here before
We both know what can happen

Hold on my heart
'Cause I'm looking over your shoulder
Ooh please don't rush ...

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Invisible Touch

Well I've been waiting
Waiting here so long
But thinking nothing
Nothing could go wrong
But now I know
She has a built in ability
To take everything she sees
And now it seems I'm falling

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Throwing It All Away

Need I say I love you?
Need I say I care?
Need I say that emotions,
Are something we don't share?
I don't want to be sitting here,
Trying to deceive you
Cuz you know I know baby
That I don't ...

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Land Of Confusion

I must've dreamed a thousand dreams
Been haunted by a million screams
But I can hear the marching feet
They're moving into the street

Now did you read the news today
They say the danger's g...

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In Too Deep

All the time I was searching
Nowhere to run to
It started me thinking
Wondering what I could make of my life
And who'd be waiting
Asking all kinds of questions to myself
But never finding th...

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I can't see you mama
But I can hardly wait
Oh to touch and to feel you mama
Oh I just can't keep away
In the heat and the steam of the city
Oh its got me running and I just can't brake
So say ...

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Home By The Sea

Creeping up the blind side, shinning up the wall
stealing through the dark of night
Climbing through a window, stepping to the floor
checking to the left and the right
Picking up the pieces, p...

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Illegal Alien

Got out of bed, wasn't feeling too good
With my wallet and my passport, a new pair of shoes
The sun is shining so I head for the park,
With a bottle of Tequila, and a new pack of cigarettes

I ...

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Paperlate Paperlate paperlate paperlate
Paperlate oooh im sorry but there's no one on the line
Paperlate oooh im sorry but rest easy no news is good news
ohh its too easy to live like clockwork

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Calling All Stations

Can anybody tell me, tell me exactly where I am
I've lost all sense of direction
Watching the darkness closing around me
Feeling the cold all through my body
That's why I'm calling all station...

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Look up on the wall, there on the floor,
Under the pillow, behind the door.
There's a crack in the mirror.
Somewhere there's a hole in a window pane.
Do you think I'm to blame?
Tell me, do you ...

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Behind The Lines

I held the book so tightly in my hands
I saw your picture, heard you call my name
There was something strange, I could not look away
I wanted to be there, I wanted to go

You gave me no warni...

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Times were good
She never thought about the future, she just did what she would
Oh, but she really cared
About her music, it all seemed so important then

And she dreamed that everytime that ...

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There must be some misunderstanding,
There must be some kind of mistake,
I waited in the rain for hours,
You were late,

Now it's not like me to say the right thing,
But you could've called to...

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The curtains are drawn
Now the fire warms the room.
Meanwhile outside
Wind from the north-east chills the air,
It will soon be snowing out there.

And some there are
Cold, they prepare for ...

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Like the dust that settles all around me
I must find a new home
The ways and holes that used to give me shelter
Are all as one to me now
But I, I would search everywhere
Just to hear your call...

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Bluegirls come in every size
some are wise and some otherwise
They've got pretty blue eyes
For an hour a man may change
For an hour her face looks strange
Looks strange, looks strange


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Милла Йовович лакомится морепродуктами, 1996 г. Том Caвини на съемках "От заката до рассвета", 1996 год. Шон Бин и Элизабет Херли на съёмках "Враг Шарпа". 1994 год....

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Шон Бин и Элизабет Херли на съёмках "Враг Шарпа". 1994 год. До сих пор работающий бассейн, Индия, V век. Иосиф Сталин с сыном Василием и дочерью Светланой. СССР, 1935 год. Алисса Милано в 16 лет....

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Группа «Kiss» с гейшами. Токио, 1978 год. Молодой Арнольд Шварценеггер упражняется в стрельбе из лука, 1984 г. Звонок по мобильному, Калифорния, 1979 год....

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Профессиональный боксер Майк Тайсон на прогулке со своим тигром, США, 1990-е. Писатель Сэм Лэйк, сценарист игры Max Payne, подаривший свою внешность главному герою, Финляндия, 2000 год. Лив Тайлер и П...

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Мэрлин Монро и Том Оуэлл, 1955 г. Мухаммед Али и Халк Холган, 80-ые. Фото со съёмок фильма "Титаник", 1996 год. Александр Роу и Георгий Милляр (Баба-Яга) на съёмках фильма "Морозко". СССР. 1964 г....