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Shortest Day

He's in a rush run
He has to hurry dash
He's in a rat race
Never at a slow pace

Forever dangerous
And never serious
Up on your energy
Expect no sympathy

Appreciation is overrated

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In Between

We ride along the great riverside
Ever so wide
The giver of clarity
She will be wise enough
To make us understand
The moment we reach heavenly land

Heavenly, heavenly
We focus on
We follo...

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Liberty Bell

No brainwaves or activity
while the craft is in the air
It's getting dark, it's getting light
we are sitting in a chair

We have fastened every belt
we cannot float out of our seats
It's so ...

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Probably Built In The Fifties

I might be moving to the east
to part my ways
And I will try to get something
I don't have yet
If I do, I will look at it
for days and days
Untill I will never forget

I have heard this men...

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Even The Spirits Are Afraid

You think you were earning
Burning the church of your god
You were yearning
Learning the birth of your dirt
Did you think you earned it
Burning your god
That you thought messed up your life?

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The day you went away
You had to screw me over
I guess you didn't know
all the stuff you left me with
is way too much to handle
But I guess you don't care

You don't need to preach
you don'...

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All you need all you need
All you need
Is all is now

All you need all you need
All you need
Is not what you're getting

All you live all you give
All you live
Fits in a teardrop

If ...

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Now you see me getting better
I'm right here on display
And I'll make it a bit heavier
By going all the way

Did you find it much easier
To stoop to where I was
With your power and your know...

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A Noise Severe

I feel it slip
Slip away
From my hands
All the way

My heart pounds like mad
I feel it slip
Slip away

Why am I?
Why am I here?
So distant from
My old life

My heart feels so sad

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I close your eyes with my mouth
Now you don't see anything
But you feel my breath all over
I can feel you too

Although I don't really know you
I don't really care

Cry with me make my day...

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underneath the mask you've buried yourself into
it's coal-black
i am tired of the gulping that you do
every day a new face
what if i unscrew
your own identity
wouldn't you guess there's nothin...

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In Motion # I

kill me with your thoughts
use your mind
hand me over to this world
into death...

make me cry in vain
leave one tear
touch my face with your sigh
leave me against the stream
one hundred w...

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Waking Hour

The eyes are made to see
They see the path of our lives

The heart is there to feel
It feels the energy of our time

I can see it
I can feel it

This is my waking hour
This is my place

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On Most Surfaces

The frost hits me in the eye
And wakes me
These are blury winters
And I cannot see

I walk into the white light of the snow
When the sun comes
I break it with my shadow
Which tales me where...

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Strange Machines

it has always been in the back of my mind
dreaming about going to the corners of time
i always wanted to fly in strange machines

i wanna do centuries in a lifetime
and feel it with my hands

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what makes you forget is the structure
you're in, all your life
can't you feel there is the animal inside
growing roots, still, inside your mind

suppress your underbeing and let them rule

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Third Chance

Fear and sweat, my muscles ache
I smile, but it's just a fake
I fade away
It troubles me, what you're gonna say
Just a day away
And you will be here to stay

I wait and I wait
And what I re...

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Black Light District

Blaming global infection
for the illness in him
Little knowledge of the non-affection
between him and his kin
Old, grey, bitter, anxious and collapsed
Like a wallflower once blooming
Withered ...

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Melodic stanzas
are symphonizing their way
through your weary head

To feed your distrust
And fill it's mouth with the desire
to soulfully be one with your creation

Not a subject to contr...

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Shortest Day

He's in a rush run
He has to hurry dash
He's in a rat race
Never at a slow pace
Forever dangerous
And never serious
Up on your energy
Expect no sympathy

Appreciation is overrated

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