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Watching Airplanes

Sittin Out here on the hood of this truck looking up
At a caramel colored sunset sky
Checkin my watch doin the math in my head
Counting back words to when you said goodbye
Well those runway ...

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Learning How To Bend

I'm still learning how to pray
Trying hard not to stray
Try to see things your way
I'm still learning how to pray
I'm still learning how to trust
It's so hard to open up
And I'd do anyth...

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Yesterday's Rain

Sometimes I think about the touch of your skin
The taste of your lips and It all comes rushing back again
And I start to spin
I think about you when the skies turn grey
Always reminds me of ...

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Living Hard

Woke up this mornin' in yesterday's clothes
Still got my buzz from last night's show
A cup of coffee, Ready to go again

I've got twenty-seven shows in twenty-seven days
Playin' junk yard g...

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Tough All Over

Things are tough all over
And I'm losin' badly
I wish you were still here
And I said it sadly
But if you wanna come back
Cause you need a shoulder
Things are tough all over

Guess I s...

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Best I Ever Had

So you sailed away into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay, love can be so boring
And nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now.

But it's not so bad
You're only the be...

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I remember the smile on her face
When I put you on her finger
I felt the love in her sweet embrace
And all the happiness you brought her
I still see it all in my mind
The way she loved me ...

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Promise Broken

I'm out here everyday breakin hearts along the way
I cause tears to fall and some to lose it all
This whole world would be
Better off without me
Well, I'm the saddest words you've spoken

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Nickajack Cave (Johnny Cash's Redemption)

Every man has to come to a crossroad somewhere along the way.
Johnny Cash came to his crossroad in a place called Nickajack Cave.

Little white pills and whiskey
Honky tonks and smoke
One n...

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He Can't Quit Her

She was cool, she was hot, she was smokin' a lot
At the end of the bar
She had more than one too many buttons undone
On that blouse she wore
Starin' too long at hre lost in that Skynyrd song...

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Puttin' Memories Away

I threw our rings into a box
Filled with broken memories and fool's gold
And I woke up again last night in this lonely bed without you to hold
And I walkeda rond this house pullin' picutres of...

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No Damn Good

Well, I ain't too sure about this so-called trial separation
I mean it's been three whole days
And I don't know if I can take anymore
And I know i'm the constant source of your frustration

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Putting My Misery On Display

I live in my own world on 18 wheels
Playing music and writing songs about the way I feel
Tonight I'll play my guitar for you
I'll pour my heart out and tonight it's blue
So gather round and ...

147 песни

Putting My Misery On Display

I live in my own world on 18 wheels
Playing music and writing songs about the way I feel
Tonight I'll play my guitar for you
I'll pour my heart out and tonight it's blue
So gather round and ...

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Man To Man

You're throwin' around a lot of serious accusations
Ain't too hard to tell what you're insinuatin'
You think I'm the one who stole her away
And if not for me she'd still be yours today

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The Devil's Candy

Smoky old bars, bright neon lights
Good ole boys and girls of the night
An ice cold beer and a good shot of brandy
I've always had a sweet tooth
For the devil's candy

And I've fought it ...

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What I'd Say

Talkin' to the mirror, whispering your name
It's just like you were here, you'd think I was insane
I hold these conversations in the silence of my room
Rehearsing all the things I'd say should...

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Man Of Me

Well high school got me educated
Still when I graduated
I didn't have a clue

Did a stand in the Navy
They did they're best to break me
Somehow I made it through

I've had some hard kn...

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Adobe Walls

Buenos noches senorita, I'm mighty pleased to meet ya
Maybe you and I could sit a spell and talk
I'm new to Santa Fe, I just rode into town today
Thought I'd spend some time in these adobe wal...

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What's On My Mind

I can't have this conversation
Without lots of reservations on the line
If there's a way to slip around it
Then I'm bound to get around it one more time

Honey you are so persuasive
But i...

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Роберт Макги - мужчина, выживший после скальпирования индейцами в 13-летнем возрасте. 1864 год. Молодая Жанна Фриске, 1996 год. Mapлон Брандо играет с котом на съёмкax фильма "Кpecтный отец", 1971 год...

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Современный мир привык к классической женской красоте, но есть звезды России и Голливуда, которым даже с нестандартной внешностью удается покорять поклонников. Список самых ярких лысых артисток и их ф...

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Хотя звезды и получают немалые гонорары, против некоторых проблем они бессильны. Многие российские, голливудские и мировые знаменитости страдают от облысения. ...

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Ума Турман в фотосессии Андреа Бланш для журнала Russh, 1985 год. Мадонна, 1984 год. Просто Боб Дилан. Около Бристоля, 11 мая 1966 года....

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Манекенщицы в новой форме стюардесс авиакомпании Pacific Southwest Airlines. США, 1960-е. Михаил Горбачев и Рональд Рейган с переводчиками. Николай Второй в униформе Шотландского королевского по...

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Минувшей ночью в Нью-Йорке состоялось одно из главных ежегодных событий в индустрии моды — благотворительный бал Института костюма музея Метрополитен Met Gala.

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