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23 Beats Off

Crush my calm you cassavetes

I was sitting tight so quiet quiet

In the dark till the lights came up my heart

Beating like a riot riot

Hollywood are you sitting on a sign

For some...

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Pride no longer has definition

everybody wears it, it always fits

a state invoked for lack of position

strength is the bait that keeps us busy

if it's perforated, then tear it to bits


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Facet Squared

Got a lot of questions for me

You got a lot of questions for me

Got your finger pointing at me


I look for wires when I'm talking to you

You'd make a great cop


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Great Cop

That one is predetermined

That one, it finds another

This one comes in one window

Sliding out the other

We need an instrument to take a measurement

To find out if loss could weig...

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Coughing inside your coffin

like at the bottom of the sea

inside you're breathing

too numb for asking

so I will leave it outside your door

warning the threat of morning that just exte...

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Last Chance For A Slow Dance

The eyes have it and the eyes always will

The eyes have it and they're watching you still

Public witness charter - look out don't touch

Public witness says he's seeing too much

I lik...

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Public Witness Program

Why don't you come to my house

Why don't you drag me right out

Past all the shit that i said i'm saying

Why don't you cut up my mouth

And i don't care what you use

Just don't ask...

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Rend It

A fine disservice

Deceptive, too

Check for the sender

Sender was you

Caught me wide open

No simple burn

This is complicated

Calls for return

Fine disservice


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Returning The Screw

Smallpox champion u s of a

Give natives some blankets

Warm like the grave

This is the pattern cut from the cloth

This is the pattern designed to take you right out

This is the fr...

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Smallpox Champion

Fragile stem

Asleep at the stoplight again

Red dressed in red drenched in red spreading red ever red

Fragile stem

Veering for control again

Change lanes explain how strain defers...

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Walken's Syndrome

You're washing away everything

The world means nothing to a dreamer

Their puppets on their strings on the TV screen

It means nothing to me Cardboard believers in nothing

If I could run a...

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Give Me The Cure

i never thought too hard on dying before

i never sucked on the dying

i never licked the side of dying before

and now i'm feeling the dying

you've got your hands over your ears

you've ...

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Glue Man

I , spent it all, on the bag, on the drag

the sun comes up,

the tide rolls out,

the trucks roll by the park,

still a park

where children play, and pick up stones,

any thing to mak...

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words and expressions

all these confessions

of where we stand

how I see you

and you see me

dedications of symmetry

together we will be


promises are shit


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Waiting Room

i am a patient boy, i wait, i wait, i wait,

my time is like water down a drain, everybody's moving, everything is moving

please don't leave me to remain- in the waiting room

i dont want the...

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Epic Problem

Congradulations. Stop.

Wish I could be there. Stop.

Tell me something that I don't know

Is there anything left to know?

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Accesory, acces...

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In Defense Of Humans

In defense of humans

Lay down your power trip

Stop toying with emotions and relationships

Cause you don't rise when people fall

In defense of humans

Lay down your politics

They're ...

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Long Division

A long time coming

A long way down

Its long division

Crack and divide

This is our fortress

Some seperation

We lay in pieces

To crack to survive

I'm not your villian

Not y...

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Dear Justice Letter

Dear Justice Letter" by Fugazi

Justice Brennan, take out some insurance on me, baby baby. It's just that I'm

busted and dripping, my sorry lungs are all leaking, it's all over, ...

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Number one is aqcuisitions

There is no foreign soil

Go global like a round thing

Go global like a hole

Every money matchmaker

Splicing green as fast as you can

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История в фотографиях (21)


В этой подборке мы увидим обувь римского легионера, островок старой Москвы, 1970 год. Пистолет-кастет, 1890-е....

Женщины, которые ушли от олигархов и политиков


Жены бизнесменов нередко принимают решение о разводе, устав от измен, публичности и других атрибутов жизни с состоятельным мужчиной. Подробнее о том, как выглядят и чем занимаются женщины, ушедшие от ...