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Left Here

Left here long ago
was passing through the years
I was waiting for the day
chasing a distant star
while the sun just slipped away

Lost my way long ago
was running in circles
I was drifting...

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Simple Human

Stand right there man
I can see right through you
Make me understand
the mind within your head

Yeah, I am a simple human like you
Yeah, I am a simple human too

Speak what's on your mind

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River Wide Ocean Deep

Her, with her loving eyes
Her, with her open arms
A shelter in the night
as we drift into sleep
A soothing voice singing
river wide ocean deep

Her, with her vacant eyes
Her, with her withe...

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Another Perfect Day

You tell me you love me
and I wonder why
The sun is overhead
but I can't see past the clouds in my eye
You show me what is real
and I just pretend
Another perfect day
and I wonder how it all ...

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Heal Me

I move in slow motion
And the world is no longer at my heels

I wither and falter somehow
I wither and fall silent now

Sometimes I say too much
Even when there is no one listening

I wi...

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Down beneath my underlying thoughts
There lurks a silent scream
Now can I breath when the weight
Of words crash down on me?

And I feel stranded
I can't take it
I'm wandering lost

Don't ...

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A Handful Of Doubt

Seven hours
And a handful of doubt
The candle burns quick now
And time is running out
I never asked for this
Yet somehow here we are
I never asked for this
Now I can't live without

Time m...

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Stranger (With A Familiar Face)

Something in me
I don't understand, a demand
A threatening voice
With a firm command
A liar, a danger
A killer, a stranger

Yeah, I guess that's me

I will extol you
I will control you

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Was standing in the darkness
I was watching over you
And all the fears came drifting back
With every little breath you drew
Wished upon a falling star
Cold and pale against the night
And all t...

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Under the spotlights
I feel our worlds becoming one
Around me I feel
everything we are everything we see
I'll take a part of you
you take a part of me

Knowing at a glance
where we all stan...

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Feeling so strong
I feel so inspired
Like a man with all the words
I could move the world
If I weren't so tired

So, so tired
So, so tired

Feeling so proud
I feel so admired
Like a...

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Pieces Of Me

I'm lying broken under jagged pieces
of burned out bridges
Suffocating I can't breathe
No direction
I'm scattered in the breeze
living on memories

Everywhere I look
as far as I can see

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Something From Nothing

Some things burden me
These thoughts cut deep
Sometimes I feel
sometimes I see
(I see...)

I won't close my eyes
I can't look away
We've changed our dreams
we've had our say
(our say...) ...

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Still Remains

I had so much to say
but no words to speak
The feelings were strong
but I was only weak

So there we were again
tragic and absurd
choking on every line
and every final word

"Hey... hey....

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Disconnected (Part 2)

"And I say to you, there is only one way in which the world can be saved from itself and that is by
the realisation that love overcometh all things. That those who have gone before you are concerne...

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A Pleasant Shade Of Grey (Parts I-XII)

Part I
so where do we begin
and what else can we say?
when the lines are all drawn
what should we do today?

Part II

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The Eleventh Hour

I know it's getting late
but I feel I need to explain
all the laughter and the lies
can't stay the fear or hide the pain

somewhere along the way
we exchanged our dreams for selfish pride

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Point Of View

looking out on a familiar scene
there's no agreement in what we see
your perception lacks clarify
and my perspective is blinding me

side by side
divided they stand

parallel lives running...

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there's a blind desire there's a drive
there's a need to leave some lasting feat
something to hold, something to keep
a monument to complete

there's a written page there's a book
there's a s...

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At Fates Hands

Ours is the cry of the helpless, told
in the timeless truth of the written word.

Trapped by the tempest of the blind
our muted calls can't be heard.

Helpless as we stand
amidst the push ...

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Сегодня мы Вам покажем шины с подсветкой, разработанные Goodyear в 1961 году. Очередь из 30.000 человек в первый российский Макдональдс. Особняк в Амитивилле в котором живет приведение....

История в фотографиях (21)


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