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Sunshine And Summertime

We've got barefoot ladies and tricked out mercedes
And people getting crazy on the boulevard
We've got classic colas and ice cold corona's
And big pool parties in the back yard


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Mississippi Girl

Well it's a long way from Star, Mississippi
To the big stage i'm singing on tonight
And sometimes the butterflies still get me
When I'm in the spotlight

And some people seem to think that ...

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Dearly Beloved

Good morning, dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To watch two people we know make a big mistake
They'll stand up at the alter
And solemnly swear i do
They'll be together forever

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I Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore

You've worn the soles off both your shoes
Walkin' on me like ya do
This ain't what forever's for
And i ain't gonna take it
I ain't gonna take it anymore

I've cried and begged and cursed ...

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Stealing Kisses

It's late enough all you kids should be home
The policeman says as he takes your beer for his own
You remember wondering what his wife
Thought about his occupation

He knows that you were j...

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Before you met me i was a fairy princess
I caught frogs and called them prince
And made myself a queen
Before you knew me i traveled 'round the world
I slept in castles and fell in love

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Like We Never Loved At All

You never looked so good
As you did last night
Underneath those city lights
There walking with your friend
Laughing at the moon
I swear you looked right through me
But i'm still living w...

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I Want You

The eagle wants a canyon
And a place where he can rest his wings a while
The drifter wants a freight train
That will carry him another hundred miles
The lion's only lookin' for something he ...

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The Lucky One

So hot outside all i can wear
Is these cut off overalls
And these sandals on my feet
But i emptied my pockets for a bus ticket
So i could sit there on a broken seat
I got no place i shou...

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If You Ask

Well i've come to know the look on your face
When you're lying about where you've been
Or how much you spent

I know when you will raise your fingers
To your mouth as if to wipe away the sh...

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We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove

What if no one would kill for their religion
What if no one ever had to go to war
What if the children of the world made world decisions
Paint-by-number hatred wasn't hanging around anymore

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You Stay With Me

TV flashes down the hall
Painting pictures on the wall
And you're still sleeping on my knees
And in the glow of silver light
I trace the lines above your eyes
Just another wrinkle that you...

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Wish For You

A setting sun that paints a tie-dyed sky
A feather bed, an ancient lullaby
A kiss good night from one whose love is true
That's the kind of day i wish for you

A field of flowers dancing in...

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The train pulled into paris like a rocket to the moon
The station's like a circus every face is a cartoon
Everybody's stoned on pride and drunk on cheap champagne
Tonight this joie de vivre su...

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If I had just one tear running down your cheek
Maybe I could cope maybe I'd get some sleep
If I had just one moment at your expense
Maybe all my misery would be well spent

Yeah.... could you c...

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I had it tough when I was just a little kid
It didn't matter what I thought
It didn't matter what I did
I feel ? ? ? what I like right from the start
It didn't number on my head
It could never ...

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This is Me

Yeah I have my dictions
I keep my share of secrets
And things you'll never see
Mmm I get selfish and defensive
And pay too much attention to my insecurity

Though i
I'm just like everybody el...

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Hello so cool
Yeah that's all that I got from you
Tell me what in the world could I do
But leave after all that you've done to me
Now it's so easy to say I'm over you

'cause baby I c...

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When The Lights Go Down

When the lights go down
Can we fill up the pan in the bloom in his hand
In some diver cross town
Can we wipin' the barn and mopping the floor
Countless tales knocking the doors
Restless devils ...

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I Think I Will

What would you say if I said something strange to make a difference
And how you feel
What would you do if I did something out of the blue
To make the world a better place
Oh I think I will


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