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you are sweet as wheat
and white as wool
the depth of your eyes
goes deep into the night
i want to embrace you
let myself go
into your tender kiss
with hands inviting me
you move with wedded...

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Soul Deprived

confined i'm confined
strapped to my side
entangled in cobweb
in motion i'm bound
in suspense
seclusion alternates
only between hope
and delusion
a victim of substance
an an...

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I Reversal

it starts from within
confess, repent, let go
-the truth will set free
let the holy power
ignite the fire inside
the spirit will trigger
vanished dreams in your life
face your life
no need to ...

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hear these words
my soft voice speaks only truth
i will reveal myself to you
i'll see you through
you are beautiful
my love
walk with me
all you'll ever need
i am
so come stay with me
my d...

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From The Everyday Mountain Top

the right words from the right people
the sweet taste of their approval
admiring eyes of the worried ones
the slick smiles of the shallow
keep your silver coins
they're worthless next to
what ...

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Another Adam's Escape

silence, be silent
don't make a sound
don't let me find you
i'll take you down
fear me, don't come near me
flee from my sight
truth makes you tremble
and you know i'm right
run and hide

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The Things I Found

down below the voice of treachery
above the vile acts of cruelty
beyond the rims of our destiny fallen
a cruce salus
and still there are things
i need to say
and always things
i see myself do...

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Lost In Dismay

all is lost
my will to live
was taken today
the fire
that used to burn
my heart
blown out cold
by winds too great
to hold at bay
all is lost
purpose and cause
humilty torn

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here we go again
feeling so small inside i could implode
by my own ways of weakness
wash me white as snow
let me start again
oh, let your warm breeze blow away
all this filth in my...

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just like when
the seasons linger
i slowly find myself
within the vortex
of our time
come closer
whisper your name
lean over
i wish you would stay
a little longer

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Grace For Succession

Man, born with the nature of evil
All inherited the sin from Adam
No man escaped
The commandments, the law
No one were able to fulfill
No man was pure
Everyone's share was death
All was dark,...

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The worship of creation
Seeming endless
But it will end
And every knee shall bow

Thoughts of a coincidental existence
And a futureless world corrodes into the
Spinal chord of the narcissist...

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Opposer of the one you claim to serve
Your self-righteousness
Breeding arrogance and pride
Justifying legalism with a distorted
Perception of submission
Salvation by grace
Christianity by perf...

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Blood Red Cover

Life, an abandoned wreck
In motion, driven into circles
Never ending circles
Nothing new has taken place
Seems like this place will never change

Just a mercy child
In a blood red cover

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26 Miles From Marathon

And so it's the end
The hollow end
So speed the process
Again and again
Move as fast as you can
Like the wind
On no end

Horizontal flickering
Like flash before my eyes
Recurring pictures...

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Confession Of Inadequacy

The incomprehensibility of
A love so pure
Too good to be true
It seems

This preposterous act of empathy
Unveiling my insufficiency
The will of God accomplished
Redemption revealed


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Scrape The Surface

Where will I return my misgiven motions
Quell and subside the quivering vigour
The inevitable thrust
That swells inside
And drives me off the edge
The bleeding ill that breeds me on mercy

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Thrash Synergy

Strengthened individuals
Encouraged for unity
We've been pushed to the limit
Through an established motivation
Gathered in love to Christ our head

Come on let's join in synergy
Conspiracy c...

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Will you be there when I call? Will you be there?
Will you be there when I fall? Will you be there?
Will you be there?

Will you be there when the darkness has no end?
Will you be there when t...

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The Plague threatening the status quo
Imposed afflictions between
Leviathan and the divine
Who's to blame
And who's to say it isn't so?

Beyond the bare bone
Of spi...

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История в фотографиях (40)


Метро-райдеры Голандии. 1959 г. Сквер в районе Песчаных улиц, 1956. В Чертольском переулке в Хамовниках, Москва. Тесты системы катапультирования, США, 1963 год....

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Фото Луны с миссии Apollo 15 1971 год. Спальные места в самолетах авиакомпании KLM, 1960-е. В 2004 году украинец Андрей Шевченко стал лучшим футболистом на планете....

История в фотографиях (38)


Члены экипажа бомбардировщика Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. На съемках фильма «Парк юрского периода», 1992 год, США. Зима 1906 года на полотне Андрея Николаевича Шильдера «Ручей в лесу»....

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Пока юмористы Гарик Харламов и Евгений Петросян мелькают в колонке звездных разводов, а «гламурные подонки» Comedy Club переходят на шутки 40+, молодые и обаятельные уже завоевали признание любителей ...